Buy Battle Points Quest Guide Mobile Legends Adventure

Buy Battle Points Quest – Mobile Legends: Adventure

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A quest players often receive in their daily quests section is “Buy Battle Points 1 Time”. Not everyone knows how to complete this quest, which is why we’ve created this guide that teaches you just that.

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Table of contents

How to buy Battle Points

Battle Points, also known by some players as Gold, is a currency used in ML: Adventure for purposes such as leveling up heroes. To buy Battle Points, press the plus sign right next to the Battle Points display in the top right corner.

How to buy Battle Points Mobile Legends Adventure

Every single day you can purchase Battle Points for free, which means you can complete this quest without spending any gems. After tapping the plus sign next to the Battle Points display, a pop up will appear. Go ahead and press the Free button.

Buying battle points ML Adventure

That’s it! You have now completed the daily quest “Buy Battle Points 1 Time” and can accept your reward. If you wish, you can buy more Battle Points through this method; it will cost you gems, however.

Buy Battle Points 1 Time quest complete Mobile Legends Adventure

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