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Diamonds are one of the most sought-after currencies in Mobile Legends: Adventure.

Almost everything in the game can be purchased with diamonds, including hero summons and summoning tickets.

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Therefore, we’ve created this guide featuring several ways on how to get diamonds in ML: Adventure.

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Utilizing events will net you a considerable amount of diamonds.

Every new player, or if you start over on a new server, you have access to both the 7-days rewards event and sign-in event.

Both of these events include diamond rewards for simply signing in.

Other events run from time to time, which may also include diamond rewards.

We recommend you look out for these events in the Event tab on the left side of the main screen.

Diamonds from Event rewards Mobile Legends Adventure


Completing quests is another excellent way to get your hands on some more diamonds.

Besides daily quests themselves giving diamonds, every day, you’ll receive a chunk of diamonds for completing a certain amount of diamonds.

These quests are usually straightforward and quick to complete.

Therefore, we recommend you complete all of them daily.

Diamond rewards from daily quests ML Adventure


Arguably the best way to acquire a ton of diamonds is by completing achievements.

Achievements are essentially quests that have no time limit and often require you to complete a particular task related to progressing through the game, such as Reach Level 50 in The Tower of Babel or Complete Chapter 4.

The farther into the game you get, the more diamond you receive from these types of achievements.

On top of this, there is an overall achievement, which gives you a chunk of diamonds for completing a certain amount of achievement as seen below.

Achievement diamonds rewards Mobile Legends Adventure


Progressing through the game earns you diamonds.

Every 5th level or so, a pink circle indicates the level instead of a blue, which means you receive a chest for completing that level.

This chest contains diamonds.

Again, the farther into the campaign you reach, the more diamonds this chest contains.

Furthermore, completing certain levels in the campaign makes you complete achievements and thereby earn more diamonds.

Diamonds from campaign chest ML Adventure


The Labyrinth in Mobile Legends: Adventure is a series of floors filled with waves of enemies.

Defeating a wave of enemies earns you a reward.

This reward is often some Enhancement Coins but is sometimes other useful items such as Diamonds.

Whenever you finish a Labyrinth run, you also receive medal points, which are added to your medal experience.

Once you reach the required amount of medal points to level up that specific medal, you receive a chunk of diamonds.

Labyrinth diamonds reward Mobile Legends Adventure


In the Arena, players can fight against each others’ team.

Defeating enemies earns players arena points, and losing makes players lose points.

Every 24 hours, players who participate in the Arena, which means they have arena points, receive diamonds in the mail.

The number of diamonds you receive depends on the number of arena points you have.

You won’t get a lot of diamonds through this method unless you make it to the top of the arena ladder.

However, even at the bottom, you will still receive a decent amount of diamonds each day with minimal effort.

Arena diamonds reward ML Adventure

Daily Gift

Every single day, you can claim a gift of 20 diamonds.

To get the gift, press the Giftpack button on the left side of the main screen and go to Daily Pack.

Here you’ll find a package of 20 gems for sale for free.

Free daily gift of diamonds Mobile Legends Adventure

Tavern Bounties

Inside the Tavern on the far right on the main screen, the Tavern is located.

Here you find bounty missions assigned to you.

To complete a bounty, assign the required combination of heroes to a mission and wait the amount of time it takes to complete it.

Rewards from bounty missions include summoning tickets, hero fragments, and of course diamonds.

Tavern bounty mission diamonds reward ML Adventure

Tower of Babel

The Tower of Babel is a series of floors, each with a team of 5 enemy heroes.

Each floor is more powerful than the last.

Rewards from clearing a floor include Battle Points, Advance Stone, and Diamonds.

If you haven’t done Tower of Babel since you’ve upgraded your team a lot, you can quickly amass a good chunk of diamonds by clearing a lot of floors.

Tower of Babel diamonds reward Mobile Legends Adventure

That’s how to get diamonds in Mobile Legends: Adventure!

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