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Advance Stone is a valuable currency in Mobile Legends: Adventure.

Every time a hero is set to upgrade or learn a new skill, such as at levels 20, 40, 50, and so on, you need Advance Stone.

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Players often find themselves in need of a lot of Advance Stone, especially later on in the game, which is why we have created this guide.

In this post, we feature several ways to get Advance Stone in ML: Adventure.

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The Market located on the far left side of the main screen sells an array of items, including Advance Stone.

Every 4 hours, players can refresh the Market and thereby reset the items for sale.

We recommend you refresh the Market as often as possible and buy all the Advance Stone that is for sale for Battle Points, also known by players as gold.

Even though you might not need all this Advance Stone early on, it becomes a scarce resource later on in the game, which is why it is smart to stock up on.

Advance Stone for sale on the Market Mobile Legends Adventure

Quests & Achievements

Every single day, players receive a set of new daily quests.

These quests can be anything from complete bounties to play a certain amount of matches in the Arena.

Rewards for completing these quests include Gems, Battle Points, and Advance Stone.

Therefore, we recommend you look out for the daily quests appointed to you if you wish to get your hands on some more Advance Stone.

Advance Stone daily quest reward Mobile Legends Adventure

Achievements are similar to daily quests; the only difference is that they aren’t time-based.

They are essentially quests that you can complete at any point in time.

Achievements are usually more challenging to acquire as they are not limited by time.

Rewards from achievements include Gems, Summon Tickets, and Advance Stone.

Completing achievements is, therefore, another way of gathering some more Advance Stone.

Advance Stone from Achievements in ML Adventure

Tower of Babel

The Tower of Babel is a series of floors with teams of enemies.

Each floor features increasingly powerful heroes.

Every time you clear a floor in the Tower of Babel, you receive useful items, including Gems, Battle Points, and Advance Stone.

Because each floor is more difficult than the last, you won’t be able to farm a lot of Advance Stone in the Tower of Babel if you’ve already reached the floor equal to your team’s strength.

If you haven’t done it in a while though, you can quickly scoop up a lot of Advance Stone.

Tower of Babel rewards Mobile Legends Adventure


Idling rewards earned from your team automatically farming resources for you include Advance Stone.

This method will net you a decent amount of Advance Stone.

However, as you can’t speed up the process in any way, it won’t be your primary source of Advance Stone.

Idle rewards Mobile Legends Adventure

That’s how to get Advance Stone in Mobile Legends: Adventure!

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