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The world of Crusader Kings 3 is full of endless warfare and battles. The name of the game even comes from the great holy wars that Christianity started to get back to the holy lands.

One of the best things in CK3 are, of course, the Great Holy Wars. Crusades, Jihads, the weird things you create once you reform a pagan faith, all of these make the game incredibly fun.

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However, the only people that can call a Great Holy War in CK3 are Heads of Faith. They decide the target and when to attack them.

This is why we will show you exactly how to become the Head of your Faith in Crusader Kings 3 and lead as many Great Holy Wars as you want.

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How to Become Head of Faith in Crusader Kings 3

If you follow Christianity, then you should know that you cannot become the Pope. However, you can always create or reform a religion to place yourself as the Head of Faith in CK3.

Go to the religious menu (the one on the bottom left side of the screen, between the house and culture menus) and select to create or reform your faith.

While you are changing the tenets and doctrines of your religion, change the Clerical Tradition doctrine to Lay Clergy and Head of Faith to Temporal.

The Lay Clergy doctrine means that nobles and rulers get to control churches and the Temporal doctrine means that the founder of the religion will be the Head of Faith.

This is, unfortunately, the only way you can become the Head of Faith in CK3. Once you die, the title of Head of Faith will be passed on to your main heir, as normal titles would, and this will continue until the end of the game (or your faith).

All the other faiths that exist in the game will not give you a chance to become the Head of Faith if the doctrine is set to Spiritual. You can only be the Head of Faith if the religion has the Temporal doctrine.

For example, most Islamic faiths allow a Temporal ruler. This means that if you manage to bring down the current Head of Faith and take their titles, you can also become the head of that Islamic faith.

That’s everything you need to know about how to become Head of Faith in Crusader Kings 3!

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