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War can be a very complicated thing. However, in Crusader Kings 3, it couldn’t be any simpler.

There are many moments when you will go to war against powerful enemies in CK3, and you will realize that you have half of their manpower.

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Luckily, this can be easily fixed with the help of allies. However, you are now at war, and you have no idea how to get them to help you.

Well, here is how you can call allies to war in Crusader Kings 3 and win all of your petty conflicts.

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How to Call Allies to War in Crusader Kings 3

If you have allies and are at war in CK3, here is all you need to do to call them to war:

  1. Click on the Current Situations button (upper side of the screen, left of Gold).
  2. Open the notification that says, “You can call Allies to war” / ”You can call on your Ally…”
  3. Press the Call to War button that appeared in the new menu that opened up.

Depending on your relationship with the ally, their relationship with your attacker, and the circumstances of the war, your ally can decline or accept your call to arms.

If your ally will not accept your call to arms, you won’t even be able to press the Call to War button.

By hovering over the “Will not accept” part of the menu, you can see the exact reasons why your ally will not join you in this war.

Usually, the only reason why an ally wouldn’t come to help you is a bad relationship. If you can increase your friendship with that ruler, you will be able to call them in all of your wars of aggression.

Defensive wars get a +50 buff that increases the chance even further. So, if you haven’t been badly managing your diplomatic relationships, allies should always join your defensive wars.

How to Make Allies Join Your Wars in CK3

The easiest way to increase your relationship with a ruler and make sure that they join your offensive wars in CK3 is to use the Sway scheme.

By doing this and waiting for a few years, you will get really good results. Thus, players should be able to get the relationship with that ruler to 100. This will result in them coming to almost any one of your wars.

If you have the befriend perk from the Diplomacy Lifestyle tree, then you can also use the Befriend scheme. You can use this scheme to make that ruler your friend.

This will result in a permanent +100 relationship buff which can help you keep the alliance relevant in the long term.

That’s everything you need to know about how to call allies to war in Crusader Kings 3!

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