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One of the three main basic resources of Crusader Kings 3, Prestige, can help you with a lot of things in the game.

The main role of Prestige is to help CK3 rank you as a successful lord or a failure. By getting a lot of Prestige, you are showing the world that you are a capable ruler.

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However, players that have reached higher title ranks will get a lot of passive Prestige as time passes by, and one might want to use it for something.

Well, here is what you can do with Prestige and what you can spend it on in Crusader Kings 3 to not waste this plentiful resource.

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Things You Can Spend Prestige On in Crusader Kings 3

The uses for Prestige in CK3 will usually be decided by your government type. Feudal and Clan rulers will have fewer uses than Tribal rulers in the game.

So, here are the things you can do with Prestige as a Feudal/Clan ruler:

Same-Faith War

One of the most basic uses for Prestige in CK3 is war. You can only declare war on neighbors of the same religion if you have the Prestige to spend.

Depending on the amount of territory you are trying to conquer, you can spend up to 1k Prestige, if not even more, on a single kingship claim war.

So, considering the faith you follow, you will use a lot of Prestige to conquer territories, as even one single county can cost you around 100 Prestige per war.

Change Realm Laws

Players can also spend their Prestige in CK3 on increasing Crown Authority in their realm. You can do this by going to the Realm tab in the top right corner.

By increasing Crown Authority, you will have more control over your vassals and will have the power to choose the right succession laws for your heir.

This will also allow you to stop your vassals from fighting one another and, at one point, get most of their troops and taxes.

You can also use your hard-earned Prestige to get the succession law that will help you from losing your territories when you die.

Changing a succession law will cost you a base 500 Prestige, even if you switch back to something you might have used before.

Invite Knights and Claimants, Complete Decisions, and Hold Court

The last things you can do as a Feudal or Clan lord in CK3 is to invite knights and claimants to your court, complete various unique decisions for your culture or religion, and hold court.

Most of these tasks can be done from the Decisions tab on the right side of the screen. Inviting knights and claimants can be incredibly useful if you have big plans to conquer the territories around you.

However, you will also need to pay these knights and claimants once they reach your court if you want them to join you.

So, by considering the resources you would need to use to get people to use this method, you would just be better off marrying these possible candidates into your court.

Other interesting events can be started from the Decisions menu using Prestige. However, you will need to fulfill some special requirements first.

Both Byzantium and the Holy Roman Empire have a major decision which costs 2k Prestige to fully conquer the other one if they have made enough efforts to destroy one another.

Otherwise, you might only spend Prestige to Hold Court. This is an action that only rulers with the king rank or higher can use to hear petitions from their courtiers.

This action can be used once every 5 years, and its cost depends on your circumstances.

Tribal Men-at-arms

If you have chosen a Tribal ruler for your CK3 playthrough, you will have many reasons to use Prestige.

The most important and useful one has to be the ability to buy and maintain men-at-arms using Prestige.

The only problem you might have is that you will have a lot of men-at-arms when you switch over to feudalism and will have to pay a lot of money to maintain them.

Tribal Buildings

When playing as a Tribal ruler in CK3, you will have the opportunity to construct most of your buildings using a reduced amount of money and a lot of Prestige.

This can be extremely useful since you can now build incredible things only using gold from a raid or prisoner ransom and then just use some Prestige to finish it off.

That’s everything you need to know about what to do with prestige in Crusader Kings 3!

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