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There are many amazing traits in Crusader Kings 3 that can help you achieve your dreams of world conquest.

However, there are some traits here and there that only help you in controlling exactly how your bloodline will look like.

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With the help of the pure-blooded trait, you can start marrying your children with each other to keep all the traits in the family and also avoid the problems that you would normally get from inbreeding.

So, if you think that this is what you need, or you’ve gotten far in the game and every dynasty in the game is related to yours, here is how to get the pure-blooded trait in Crusader Kings 3 and keep your heirs safe from the inbred trait.

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How to Get Pure Blooded Trait in CK3

One very easy way to get the pure-blooded trait in CK3 would be to create a character that has it. However, that is not something that will get you the trait long term.

So, to actually get the trait properly and keep it in the dynasty for years to come, you will need to complete some steps:

  • Have a large diplomatic range and marry pure-bloods
  • Complete the Blood Legacy
  • Strengthen Bloodline

Expanding Diplomatic Range to Marry Pure-Blooded Characters

One of the first things you can do to try to get the pure-blooded trait into your CK3 family is to marry characters that already have the trait.

However, there is a high chance that you won’t have people with the trait in your diplomatic range.

To fix this, you will need to conquer and expand your territory. Your goal should be to reach all the corners of the world and to always have the possibility to marry pure-blooded characters.

So, make sure you conquer as much land as you can and expand in all directions to get the largest diplomatic range possible.

Completing Blood Legacy

The Blood dynastic legacy will allow you to hold onto your congenital traits, which will also let you keep the pure-blooded trait in your family.

You will also need all of the congenial traits to complete the next step. You will have to have a max-level congenial trait (such as Genius, Herculean, or Beautiful) and all the other traits, but of a lower level, as well.

Players will also need to get rid of any negative traits, such as Ugly or Giant, as they won’t allow them to start the Strengthen Bloodline decision.

With the help of the Blood legacy, you have a high chance of retaining good congenial traits and a low chance of keeping the bad ones.

Strengthen Bloodline decision

Once you manage to complete the Strengthen Bloodline decision, you will get some amazing buffs that will assure that you can get the pure-blood trait, even by chance.

You will get a +400% chance of getting new good congenital traits. Pure-blooded is one of the new traits that you can get once you have strengthened the bloodline.

Combining the advantages of both the Blood legacy and the Strengthen Bloodline decision, you will have a 100% chance of keeping the trait in the family if you have around 4 male and female descendants which you marry to one another.

If they all have the pure-blooded trait, they have an extremely low chance of having inbred children, and you can make sure that there is always someone that has the trait in the family.

Unfortunately, you will have to micromanage your children a lot and even maybe keep your heir from ruling their own lands.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get pure-blooded in Crusader Kings 3!

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