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Crusader Kings 3 has a lot of things you will have to pay attention to if you don’t want your kingdom to explode and actually thrive.

In every county in the game, there are a few stats that will influence how powerful and profitable those territories are.

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One of the stats is called Control, and it can make some of the best provinces in the game completely useless if it is too low.

So, here is how you can actively increase Control in Crusader Kings 3 and fix your economy and army size.

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How County Control Works in CK3

The Control stat of a county in CK3 represents how well the lord of the lands administrates the territory. If Control is low, you will get fewer taxes and levies from that county than normal.

Every point under 100 in Control will lower the taxes from that county by 1% and levies by 0.5%. This means that 0 Control will result in 0% taxes and 50% levies in that county.

Also, with the special Martial Lifestyle perk, Absolute Control, players will get +10% taxes and levies from a county that has 100 Control.

How to Increase County Control in CK3

To increase county Control in CK3, there are three things you can do:

Marshal Task

The most efficient way to increase Control in a county in CK3 is to go to the Council menu and choose the “Increase Control in County” task for your Marshal.

Depending on the Martial skill of the Marshal, you should be able to increase a county’s Control by around 0.5 to 1 per month.

When assigning a Marshal to increase county Control, you will also see how long it will take until that county reaches 100 Control.

Usually, it should take something around 5 months to 2 years to fully increase a county with 0 Control to 100.

Overseer Martial Lifestyle

The Overseer Martial Lifestyle has two perks that will increase monthly Control gain and also a trait that will help.

The first perk in the Overseer lifestyle tree will give you 0.3 Control per month. On the right side of the tree, you can also find the Strict Organization perk, which will increase the Control gain by 20%.

Overseer, the trait that you will gain at the end of the tree, will also increase Control growth by 50%.

You can also choose the Authority focus in the Martial Lifestyle to get another 0.3 Control per month.


The last source of Control in CK3 counties is buildings. The Leisure Palace duchy building will increase control growth by 0.2 for all counties in the duchy at level 1.

Getting it to the maximum level will increase that growth to 0.4 per month.

That’s everything you need to know about how to increase Control in Crusader Kings 3!

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