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In Deep Rock Galactic, unlocking new weapons is an important thing to do since each weapon has its own strength.

Ever want to freeze your enemy to death and bring coldness to Hoxxes? In today’s article, we’ll talk about how to unlock Cryo Cannon in Deep Rock Galactic!

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To unlock the Cryo Cannon in Deep Rock Galactic, you have to first reach level 10 as a Driller to unlock a new assignment called “Equipment Licenses: Cryo Cannon”. Then, after you’ve done the assignment, the Cryo Cannon can be unlocked in the Equipment Terminal and is ready to use.

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How to Unlock Cryo Cannon in Deep Rock Galactic

Cryo Cannon is the second primary weapon of the Driller class in DRG.

  1. Level up Driller to 10

To level up with Driller in DRG, simply pick him and play some missions. You can get to level 10 in less than 2 hours or even quicker with the right leveling method.

If you want to speed up the process, always look for missions with Double XP anomaly.

When you’ve reached level 10 as a Driller, get out of your cabin and head to the Assignment Terminal. You will see a new Weapon License assignment is unlocked, among other assignments.

  1. Do the Weapon License assignment

Weapon License Cryo Cannon assignment contains 3 missions in the following order: Salvage Operation, Egg Hunt, and Point Extraction.

You must do all 3 missions in order to complete the assignment and, therefore, to unlock the Cryo Cannon.

Tips: You can play as any class, not only the Driller, to complete the mission faster. Scout can speed-run Salvage Operations and Point Extraction missions much faster!

By the time you finish the third mission, the management will congratulate you for unlocking a new weapon. Now, head to the Equipment Terminal!

  1. Unlock Cryo Cannon

In the Equipment Terminal, click on the Primary Weapon slot of your Driller.

Then locate the second tab to open the Cryo Cannon weapon panel. This is the place you use to unlock and purchase upgrades for the Cryo Cannon.

To unlock it, you will need 7,600 Credits, 80 Enor Pearl, and 120 Bismor.

If you don’t have enough Enor Pearl and Bismor, go to the Trade Terminal and use your Credits to trade for them.

So those are the 3 steps on how to unlock Cryo Cannon in Deep Rock Galactic.

Let’s freeze the Dreadnought and show them who’s the boss, miners!

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