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Looking to start your next campaign experience in Destiny 2? Shadowkeep is a great choice!

Learn more about how to begin the Shadowkeep campaign as well as everything else that comes with the Shadowkeep Expansion in today’s article.

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To start the Shadowkeep campaign in Destiny 2, you must own the Shadowkeep Expansion, visit the Moon, and start the “A Mysterious Disturbance” quest.

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How to Start Shadowkeep in Destiny 2

The Shadowkeep Expansion comes with a new campaign, a new Dungeon, a new Raid, and some great Exotic gear.

The campaign takes us to the haunted Moon, where the Hive has been gathering and preparing something sinister.

Eris Morn is ready to help guide us through this new danger and prepare the Guardians for their first encounter with the Darkness.

Shadowkeep Campaign

To begin the Shadowkeep campaign, visit the Moon in your Directory and select the “A Mysterious Disturbance” Mission. This is the first mission of the Shadowkeep campaign.

Like every other Expansion, the first campaign mission can be completed for free without owning the Expansion.

This lets players get a feel for what the Expansion has to offer before deciding to purchase the complete campaign.

You can check out our guide on What Expansions/DLC to Buy to see if the Shadowkeep Expansion is a good purchase for you.

Many players were surprised at the length of the campaign, feeling much shorter than previous campaign experiences. Keep this in mind if you are looking for a more fleshed-out Destiny 2 campaign.

After completing the first campaign mission on the Moon and purchasing the Shadowkeep Expansion, you will see that Eris Morn is now waiting for you on the Moon with a new mission.

From here, she will guide you through the rest of the Shadowkeep campaign.

Garden of Salvation Raid

Completing the “A Mysterious Disturbance” Mission will also give you access to the Expansion’s new Raid, the Garden of Salvation.

This Raid will take you into the Black Garden from the original Destiny game, once again fighting the Vex for control.

This Raid is the first to introduce Champion enemies, enemies that will constantly regenerate health unless stunned, allowing your team to damage them efficiently.

For some tips on how to take on these new enemies, be sure to check out our guide on How to Stun Champions.

This Raid is very similar to the Crown of Sorrow Raid that came before it, splitting your Fireteam into smaller teams of two or three to take on separate sections of the encounters before meeting up at the end to take down the Boss.

The community has mixed feelings about this Raid. It introduces some unique mechanics that haven’t been used before and has some genuinely fun encounters that require a lot of teamwork.

These mechanics can be janky at times and straight-up frustrating for newer players, however.

This Raid is required if you plan on unlocking the Divinity Exotic Trace Rifle. See our guide on How to Get Divinity.

The Pit of Heresy Dungeon

Along with a new campaign experience and Raid, Shadowkeep unlocks a new Dungeon, the Pit of Heresy. This Dungeon takes you below the surface of the Moon and into Hive-infested tunnels.

The overall layout of this Dungeon is very different when compared to the Shattered Throne before it, feeling very similar to a Raid.

This Dungeon is quite challenging and requires a fair bit of teamwork in the first few encounters.

Many players have had issues getting the Solo Flawless achievement in this Dungeon because of how hard some of the sections can be without the help of a team. This is definitely a challenge for the more experienced players.

This Dungeon is required to unlock the Xenophage Exoitc Machine Gun. See our guide on How to Get Xenophage for a complete breakdown of the Exotic Quest, as it is a very cryptic quest at times.

Nightmare Hunts

Lastly, the Shadowkeep Expansion introduces you to the Nightmare Hunt activity.

There are eight Nightmare hunts, each having you take down a different Boss after a short, Vanguard Strike-like mission that takes place somewhere on the Moon.

Each Boss is a shadow of a former main villain in the Destiny franchise, making for some very interesting fights.

These Nightmare Hunts have a chance to drop some decent gear as well as one of the Essence Quests, which reward you with targeted gear drops.

Currently, Nightmare Hunts are on a weekly rotation. You will be able to play through a few of these Hunts every week.

Now, you are ready to dive into everything that the Shadowkeep Expansion has to offer!

What made you decide to get the Shadowkeep Expansion? Were you looking for more campaign experiences, Exotic weapons, or Raids to complete? Let me know in the comments!

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