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Whether you are a new player just getting started in Destiny 2 or are just now creating your second character, you’ll need to know how to unlock subclasses.

We will cover all of the subclasses currently in Destiny 2, giving details on how to unlock each one.

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To unlock Light subclasses in Destiny 2, complete the New Light missions and speak with Ikora Ray to obtain quests for each of the subclasses. To Unlock the Stasis subclasses, complete the Beyond Light campaign and speak with the Exo Stranger. To unlock the Strand subclasses, complete the Lightfall campaign and meditate in the Hall of Heros.

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What are Subclasses?

Subclasses in Destiny 2 decide what Abilities, Aspects, and Fragments you have available, as well as what type of elemental damage your abilities do.

There are currently 5 different subclasses in Destiny 2:

  • Solar
  • Arc
  • Void
  • Stasis
  • Strand

When you create your character character, you will only have access to a single subclass.

The element you get will depend on what class you choose.

Titans start out with the Void subclass unlocked, Hunters with Arc, and Warlocks with Solar.

How to Unlock Subclasses in Destiny 2

The method for unlocking newer Dark subclasses, Stasis and Strand, is different than the traditional methods used to unlock the Light subclasses.

We’ll start with the Light subclasses.

How to Unlock Solar, Arc, Void subclass

To unlock the other subclasses for your class, there are a few missions you will have to complete.

New players should continue through the New Light missions until they reach the mission A Spark of Hope.

After speaking with Commander Zavala, you should head over to Ikora Rey, who will give you one of three quests:

  • Riding the Storm: Unlocks the Arc subclass.
  • Stoking the Flame: Unlocks the Solar subclass.
  • Gazing into the Abyss: Unlocks the Void subclass.

Each of these quests will have you defeat a number of enemies with the chosen elemental damage, generate 10 Orbs of Power, and gain 25,000 XP.

These are fairly simple tasks that you should be able to complete either through continuing the campaign or farming Public Events.

Once you have completed this step and unlocked your new subclass, be sure to head back to Ikora to purchase all of your new Abilities, Fragments, and Aspects.

How to Unlock Stasis Subclass

With the release of the Beyond Light expansion came a new Darkness subclass, Stasis. This subclass focuses on using ice powers to slow, freeze, and shatter enemies.

To unlock Stasis, you will first need to complete the Beyond Light campaign, which introduces Stasis powers but doesn’t fully unlock them yet.

You will then want to head on over to The Drifter to pick up The Stasis Prototype Exotic quest. Completing this quest will unlock the Salvation’s Grip Exotic Grenade Launcher, which is required for our next step.

You will then be given a string of quests from the Exo Stranger on Europa. Completing this questline up to step 32 will reward you with the Stasis subclass.

To unlock your Stasis Aspects and Fragments, purchase them from the Exo Stranger on Europa.

This new method of obtaining Stasis subclasses is much friendlier to newer players and reduces the overall grind that was initially implemented when Stasis was released.

How to Unlock Strand Subclass

Introduced in the Lightfall expansion, Strand is the second Darkness subclass, using a slew of new movement options and Threadlings to Suspend enemies.

To unlock the Strand subclass, you will first need to complete the Lightfall campaign.

Doing so will reward you with your new Strand subclass, much faster than unlocking Stasis.

To unlock your Strand Aspects and Fragments, purchase them from the Hall of Heroes on Neomuna with Strand Meditations.

You can get Strand meditations from various activities on Neomuna. You will also get them by defeating enemies with Strand abilities.

Now you are ready to go and unlock all of the subclasses that Destiny 2 has to offer!

What is your favorite subclass? Which subclass are you looking forward to trying next? Let me know in the comments!

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