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In Destiny 2, Shaders are a pivotal weapon in the constant war of Fashion. If you don’t have a large Shader collection, you will quickly find your fashion options limited.

To up your fashion game, you will need to know where to go to buy Shaders. Let’s get to it.

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To buy Shaders in Destiny 2, go to Ada-1 for a weekly rotation of three Shaders. The Eververse has Shaders on a weekly rotation available for Bright Dust. Shaders can also be earned as a reward for various activities in Destiny 2.

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What are Shaders?

Shaders are preset color palettes that you can apply to your weapons and armor to change their colors.

They don’t change the form of your gear. For that, you will want to look into Ornaments. We cover them extensively in our How to Transmog Armor guide.

You can mix different colors of Shaders with different pieces of gear, allowing you to fully customize the appearance of your Guardian.

This is why many players try and collect as many Shaders as they can to give them all the options in the world when it comes to fashion.

To find out what Shaders you have available to you, head to your Appearance Customization tab below your Loadout menu.

Here, you can browse every Shader you have unlocked. Sadly, unlike Ornaments, you won’t be able to preview Shaders that you don’t own.

Where to Buy Shaders in Destiny 2

There are currently three main ways you can obtain Shaders in Destiny 2.


Ada-1 used to be our Mod Components vendor. Back when Bungie redesigned Weapon Mods, they had to give Ada-1 a new job. So now she sells Shaders.

You will find three Shaders for sale from Ada-1, with new additions rotating in every week. These Shaders are not cheap, costing 10,000 Glimmer each. This will be your best bet at building up your Shader collection.

Eververse Store

Tess Everis will have new Shaders available in the Eversverse store that rotate in and out on a weekly basis.

While most of the Eververse store revolves around Silver, Destiny 2’s paid premium currency, Shaders are always available for Bright Dust.

Tess will have six different Shaders for sale every week, two on the Featured page and four on the Bright Dust page.

Bright Dust can be hard to come by, so we don’t recommend purchasing these Shaders unless you find one that you absolutely love.

It is worth mentioning that, as a one-time purchase, you can get the entire Year One collection of Shaders from the Eververse, all for only 1,000 Glimmer.

This will give you a decent lineup of basic Shaders. Nothing too fancy but it is better than nothing.

Shaders as Rewards

While not purchasable, you can earn new Seasonal Shaders by ranking up your Reputation with the Tower vendors, each rewarding you with a new Shader at rank 7.

Some quests, triumphs, and random activities throughout Destiny 2 can also award you with Shaders, meaning you will probably build a decent Shader collection simply by playing the game.

That’s how you buy Shaders in Destiny 2. I hope this quick guide helped you out!

Are there any particular Shaders that you are still waiting to buy? Let me know in the comments!

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