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The submarine is a subaquatic voyage item in FFXIV. It is a Free Company-owned vehicle that you can send on voyages.

These voyages bring you back rare items for your Free Company. But before you can send the sub, you need to unlock it.

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To unlock the submarine in FFXIV, go to your Free Company Workshop, obtain the recipe from the Schematic Board, and finally, build the parts and assemble them.

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How to Unlock Submarines In Final Fantasy XIV

To unlock the submarine in FFXIV, go to the Company Workshop and interact with the Schematic Board. From there, you can craft the recipe and send your sub on voyages.


  • Free Company – you must be in one.
  • Permissions – your FC leader must allow you to.
  • House – your FC must have a house (and Workshop).

Recipe for Submarines

To obtain the required recipe, go to the schematic board in the Company Workshop. Pick a prototype to find out which parts you need.

Crafting a Submarine

After gathering the required items, pick a recipe from the Fabrication Station, which will then be added to the crafting log.

You need a Hull, Stern, Bow, and Bridge. You must craft each of these separately in three phases. The basic process is this, all done in the Company Workshop:

  • Get a Schematic (which adds to the crafting log)
  • Make a prototype
  • Make the part – in three phases (each with unique materials)
  • Repeat for each part
  • Assemble
  • Begin voyage via Voyage Control Panel

How to Use Submarines

To use a submarine in FFXIV, you must assemble and deploy it in the Company Workshop. The materials you use to craft the submarine affect how good the sub is and what it will bring back.


Once you craft the submarine, you can deploy it via the Voyage Control Panel. Once it gets back, it will have items for you as well as experience, which it uses to level up.

The higher the rank, the better components you can attach to it and the better voyages it can go on. So, the better the sub, the longer voyages and better rewards you get.


After each voyage, your submarine will have “taken damage.” So, you need to repair with Magitek Repair Materials. You can craft these with any class, but they must be level 50, and you must have the Master I book.


To register your submarine, head to the voyage control panel in the Company Workshop. Registered submersibles can explore uncharted waters.

These explorations are automatic, much like explorations for retainers, as they are set on a fixed time. Once complete, you get the log details and rewards.


There are many items that your voyage can procure. The items you bring back depend on the area you choose to go to and the level of that area.

Now you know how to use a submarine in Final Fantasy XIV!

Do you prefer the airship or the submarine? Let me know in the comments!

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