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Skill Points are an important mechanic in Fire Emblem Engage, allowing your units to inherit skills from Emblems.

Because Skill Inheritance is a very useful method to improve the stats and abilities of your units, you’ll need to ensure you know how to earn the Skill Points required to inherit these Emblem Skills.

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In Fire Emblem Engage, Skill Points can be obtained by defeating enemies with a unit while they have a Bond Ring or Emblem Ring equipped. If a unit is not synced with a ring, they will be ineligible to earn Skill Points through any method.

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How Do Skill Points Work & Where To Get Them in Fire Emblem Engage

Skill Points are a currency in Fire Emblem Engage that allows you to let your units learn Emblem Skills through Skill Inheritance. After learning an Emblem Skill through this method, the unit will be capable of using these abilities, even without having the Emblem Ring they learned them from equipped.

Skill Points are earned using a unit with a Bond or Emblem Ring equipped to defeat enemies in battle. If a unit does not have a ring equipped, they won’t receive any Skill Points through the methods below and, therefore, won’t be able to be upgraded through Skill Inheritance.

Because of this, you’ll need to plan the units in which you want to receive inherited Emblem Skills in advance and ensure that they have a ring equipped for a few battles prior so you can start earning them some Skill Points.

Skill Points can be earned in battle by:

  • Damaging an enemy
  • Dealing the final blow to an enemy (grants bonus Skill Points)
  • Defeating an enemy
  • Defeating a named enemy (grants bonus Skill Points)
  • Using staff abilities (such as heal or warp)

Skill Points Farming – Tiki’s Divine Blessing Method

A unique method can be used to farm Skill Points using one of the DLC Expansion Pass Emblems, Tiki. To make the most of this method, you’ll need to have unlocked Tiki’s as an Emblem and raise her bond with a unit.

Level 8 or higher is the recommendation for using this technique to its full potential. On top of requiring both Tiki and a high bond level, you’ll need a handful of tanky, high-defensive units to implement this plan.

This technique works by trapping enemy units in a confined space using a combination of the map layout and your units. This explains the need for bulky defensive units that can take multiple hits from the trapped enemy units, who will be forced into attack actions with nowhere to move to.

Once you’ve got some enemy units cornered, you’ll want to have the unit that has Tiki’s Emblem Ring equipped take a few hits to charge up the Engage Meter. You’ll then want to Engage and use the Divine Blessing ability on one of your ally units to heal them from damage taken, receiving very generous amounts of both Skill Points and EXP in return.

This technique is also advantageous, as Tiki’s Emblem contains the Lifesphere skill, which allows the unit equipped to gain 20 HP and heal status effects on a turn in which they choose the Wait option without attacking or using an item.

This essentially means that the unit Tiki is equipped to can remain on the frontlines with the units blocking in the enemy, simply selecting wait on each turn, which will allow them to take some hits, and restore the damage taken on the next turn, charging the Engage Meter without any significant threats or drawbacks.

Skill Points Farming – Micaiah’s Great Sacrifice Method

While not everyone will have access to Tiki through the DLC Expansion, a similar method is available to all players that can be achieved with Emblem Micaiah, who is unlocked in Chapter 6 of Fire Emblem Engage’s base game.

Fire Emblem Engage - How to Farm Skill Points

Emblem Micaiah has a handy Engage Attack called Great Sacrifice, allowing the unit equipped with her ring to heal all allies on the field.

As you can imagine, the more HP you heal for your allies, the more Skill Points you can gain, so this is a brilliant technique to quickly farm a chunk of them in a single map or Skirmish.

Fire Emblem Engage - How to Farm Skill Points

You can earn around 150 Skill Points per battle using Great Sacrifice, but this can be boosted even further by adding Emblem Celica’s Favorite Food skill. Favorite Food will fully restore the Engage Meter of a unit, which will effectively let you use Great Sacrifice two times.

You will need to teach this Skill to the Emblem that you plan to equip Emblem Micaiah’s ring with, so it will cost you a few skill points to set up the Skill Point farming build. However, this investment is more than worth it and will let you gain Skill Points much faster, meaning you should be able to make up the difference in no time.

Skill Points Farming – Standard Training

You can gain some extra Skill Points by training at the Arena in Somniel.

The Arena lets you fight units in brief sparring matches against their allies, providing an EXP and Skill Point Boost.

Fire Emblem Engage - How to Farm Skill Points

Training can be completed up to three times after each battle before you will need to refresh this limit. This can be done easily by completing the next battle or chapter of the main storyline.

Sparring matches only take a few seconds from start to finish, so they’re more than worthwhile and should be considered a quick solution to boosting your Skill Points tally by a few.

You may even want to use this method to help quickly raise the Skill points needed to set up the Micaiah Skill Point farming build, as mentioned further up in this guide, and then use a combination of both methods to build a stable bank of Skill Points so you can learn Emblem Skills on a more regular basis.

Skill Points Farming – Defeating Silver Corrupted Enemies

In Fire Emblem Engage, Silver Corrupted Enemies are opponents that grant bigger EXP and Skill Point rewards upon their defeat in comparison to regular enemies, earning around 60-70 Skill Points per kill.

Silver Corrupted Enemies appear in Skirmishes, but you can increase the likelihood of them spawning by making donations to your fellow kingdoms of Elyos.

Fire Emblem Engage - How to Farm Skill Points

To participate in Skirmishes, head over to the world map and explore the areas that you have previously cleared. When a Skirmish is available, it will be indicated with an enemy icon next to the location, as in the image above.

Skirmishes that contain Silver Corrupted enemies will be further marked with an exclamation point and indicative text in the bottom right corner, where the map and Skirmish information can be viewed.

While this method is less reliable than others due to being left up to the chance of spawn rate rather than being a guarantee, it is also one of the easiest to use, as it doesn’t require any prior set-up or build-making, such as Tiki and Micaiah’s methods.

Because of this, it’s not ideal to prioritize farming Skill Points through Silver Corrupted enemy Skirmishes, as you may be waiting a while. However, this method is still an excellent opportunity to take whenever they pop up now and again.

Skill Points Farming – Skill Point Books

The last way to obtain Skill Points in Fire Emblem Engage is through books that grant Skill Points. These Books are as follows:

  • Novice Books
  •  Adept Books
  •  Expert Books

Novice Books will grant 100 Skill Points upon use, Adept Books will grant 500 Skill Points upon use, and Expert Books will grant 2000 Skill Points upon use.

Books are obtainable through two different methods, with the first being through the Item Shop in Somniel, where they are unlocked for purchase after completing the game.

However, Novice and Adept Books can also be earned as rewards for completing Tempest Trials at the Tower of Trials, which will be unlocked after Chapter 6. As you complete more chapters of the game, more Tempest Trials will unlock, providing you with plenty of opportunity to farm more Skill Points and EXP and secure plenty of valuable loot, including Skill Point Books.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get and farm Skill Points in Fire Emblem Engage.

Which units do you plan to use your Skill Points on? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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