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There is a variety of different mechanics in Fire Emblem Engage, allowing you to battle your way through the Chapters of the main story, collect various items, and customize Unit builds to establish a unique playstyle and strategy.

Among these various mechanics is Recruitment, which we will explain in detail below.

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Recruitment is the mechanic that allows you to obtain new Units as allies to Alear, letting you add them to your squad and utilize their unique skills in combat.

Some Units can be recruited automatically as you progress through the main story Chapters, while others may need to be prompted through quests, talking, or DLC content. For everything you’ll need to know about Recruitment and how it works in-game, follow along below.

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What is Recruitment in Fire Emblem Engage?

In Fire Emblem Engage, Recruitment is the mechanic that allows you to obtain new characters for Alear’s alliance, which will also make them eligible for you to use in your team composition for combat.

With over 30 different characters available to recruit in Fire Emblem Engage, there are plenty of opportunities to gain the addition of some friendly new faces through Recruitment.

Adding new characters to your allied forces through Recruitment will expand your roster of playable Units, giving you access to an even better variety of different Classes.

This can give you more flexibility in battle, enabling you to utilize even more strategies and synergize the Skills and stats of different Units with one another to find success.

As Master Seals and Second Seal quantities are limited for the majority of the game, Recruitment plays a very important part in ensuring you have different characters for every possible role in battle.

Recruitment will also allow you to obtain additional Units that aren’t automatically gained as you progress through the Chapters of Fire Emblem Engage’s main story, such as Jean, Jade, and Seadall.

You can gain these Units through slightly different Recruitment techniques, which usually involve talking to them during or after combat or ensuring they stay alive and survive the threat of combat.

As these Units are among some of the most powerful, often bringing strong utility to your roster, it’s important to recognize when there may be a chance to Recruit someone through these techniques.

How Does Recruitment Work in Fire Emblem Engage?

In Fire Emblem Engage, most Units are automatically recruited as you work your way through the main story.

There is a combined total of thirty different Units that will be unlocked and added to Alear’s forces as allies during this adventure, which gives you a lot of variety to work with when it comes to Class builds and Skills.

Aside from natural Recruitment through the progression of Fire Emblem Engage’s main story Chapters, there are a few Units that can be optionally obtained through other Recruitment techniques.

The first and most common of these additional techniques is through talking to the character in question.

Sometimes in battle, you may find yourself fighting with or against characters that have the opportunity to become allies if you speak to them as the right character.

This can usually be done with Alear, but in the case that Alear isn’t able to get close to the character in question, the next safest bet is someone who they are extremely close to, such as a friend, an ally, a royal Prince/Princess of their Region, or even a family member.

This is true in cases such as Jade, who can be recruited by Alear or Diamant, or Lindon, who can be recruited by Alear, Ivy, or Hortensia.

Some Units who are recruited by talking are only available to recruit mid-battle, so you’ll have to plan your strategy around this and ensure you position the correct characters with advantages to complete the Recruitment.

Other Recruitments through talking can be completed after you’ve successfully completed the combat in question, which can take the pressure off worrying about implementing a pitstop during your combat strategy.

To recruit eligible Units after completing their battle, simply head over to them and speak to them during that same Chapter’s post-combat exploration phase.

Jade in Fire Emblem Engage

However, not every Unit will still be eligible after their battle is complete, and some may even be hostiles that you can wind up killing without realizing they were ever a Recruitment option in the first place!

For this reason, if you’re planning to dedicate your playthrough to obtaining all Units in the game or are specifically searching for a particular character to add to your team, it is very important to know how to Recruit them prior to entering their Chapter.

To help you out with organizing your Recruitment techniques and working out who you’d like to make the effort to obtain, we’ve listed every Unit and how to recruit them below.

Of course, this will give spoilers about who is recruitable and when which may give away slight hints at how the story unfolds.

If you’re looking to go into the game with as little information as possible, then I’d recommend avoiding this extra information and just playing through on your own, using a combination of intuition and the information mentioned above to influence your Recruitment decisions and techniques.

How to Recruit Each Unit

Lythos Units:

  • Vander – Complete Chapter 1 (Automatic Recruitment)
  • Framme – Complete Chapter 2 (Automatic Recruitment)
  • Clanne – Complete Chapter 2 (Automatic Recruitment)

Firene Units:

  • Celine – Complete Chapter 4 (Automatic Recruitment)
  • Alfred – Complete Chapter 3 (Automatic Recruitment)
  • Louis – Complete Chapter 4 (Automatic Recruitment)
  • Chloe – Complete Chapter 4 (Automatic Recruitment)
  • Etie – Complete Chapter 3 (Automatic Recruitment)
  • Boucheron – Complete Chapter 3 (Automatic Recruitment)

Brodia Units:

  • Diamant – Complete Chapter 8 (Automatic Recruitment)
  • Alcryst – Complete Chapter 7 (Automatic Recruitment)
  • Lapis – Complete Chapter 7 (Automatic Recruitment)
  • Citrinne – Complete Chapter 7 (Automatic Recruitment)
  • Amber – Complete Chapter 8 (Automatic Recruitment)
  • Yunaka – Complete Chapter 6 (Automatic Recruitment)
  • Jade – Speak to her as Alear or Diamant during the battle in Chapter 9. She will not be recruitable after the battle.
  • Saphir – Speak to her as Alear or Diamant during the battle in Chapter 19. Alternatively, you can speak to her after battle during post-combat exploration.

Elusia Units:

  • Ivy – Complete Chapter 11 (Automatic Recruitment)
  • Hortensia – Complete Chapter 14 (Automatic Recruitment)
  • Kagetsu – Complete Chapter 11 (Automatic Recruitment)
  • Goldmary – Complete Chapter 16 (Automatic Recruitment)
  • Rosado – Complete Chapter 16 (Automatic Recruitment)
  • Zelkov – Complete Chapter 11 (Automatic Recruitment)
  • Lindon – Speak to him with Alear, Hortensia, or Ivy during the battle within Chapter 18. Lindon is hostile during this battle, so if you wish to recruit him, you’ll need to be careful, as he can be killed instead.

Solm Units:

  • Timerra – Complete Chapter 13 (Automatic Recruitment)
  • Fogado – Complete Chapter 12 (Automatic Recruitment)
  • Bunet – Complete Chapter 12 (Automatic Recruitment)
  • Pandreo – Complete Chapter 12 (Automatic Recruitment)
  • Panette – Complete Chapter 13 (Automatic Recruitment)
  • Merrin – Complete Chapter 13 (Automatic Recruitment)
  • Seadall – You will need to clear all enemies on the map during the battle in Chapter 15. Only after these enemies are cleared you must talk to Seadall with Alear, which will allow you to recruit him.

Gradlon Units:

  • Mauvier – Complete Chapter 21 (Automatic Recruitment)
  • Veyle – Complete Chapter 22 (Automatic Recruitment)

Paralogue Units:

  • Jean – To recruit Jean, you will need to complete the Budding Talent Paralogue. He will automatically join your party during this encounter, and you can talk to him as Alear during combat to ensure he joins as a permanent ally.
  • Anna – Anna can only be recruited during the Mysterious Merchant Paralogue. To recruit Anna as soon as possible, open the middle chest on the battlefield to encounter her to have her join Alear as a permanent ally and team up for the remainder of the combat.

Fell Xenologue DLC Units:

  • Nel – Automatically unlocks at the beginning of the Fell Xenologue.
  • Nil – Automatically unlocks at the beginning of the Fell Xenologue.
  • Zelestia – Complete Fell Xenologue Chapter 2 (Automatic Recruitment)
  • Gregory – Complete Fell Xenologue Chapter 3(Automatic Recruitment)
  • Madeline – Complete Fell Xenologue Chapter 4 (Automatic Recruitment)

Which Units are you most looking forward to recruiting during your Fire Emblem Engage playthrough?

Feel free to let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check out the rest of our content here at Gamer Empire for plenty more Fire Emblem Engage guides to help you out during your Elyos adventure as the Divine Dragon Alear.

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