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King of Avalon is a strategy mobile game by the creators of popular games, like Guns and Glory, Century Games.

The game is based on the legend of King Arthur and the Round Table Knights.

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Along with fantasy elements for the even richer in-game adventure.

Your mission is to protect your city, reclaim lost land, train a mighty army, and reach the ultimate honor.

Enjoy medieval strategy game with this guide to the fullest.

King of Avalon is available on both Google Play and the App Store for free.

Table of contents

Basics of the game

King of Avalon is a strategy game driven by a story where you need to learn and perfect your war and strategy arts.

The main goal of the game is to build up your city, a powerful army, and defeat your enemies for resources.

When the game starts up, you will instantly get to experience the story plot along with an in-game tutorial.

It will explain and show you the basic controls. You will get to defend and reclaim your lost city parts.

Unlock the primary buildings and build necessary structures for further progress.

On your journey, you will complete missions, redeem rewards, train your army, hatch dragons, fight your foes for resources, and discover valuable loot.

Building, buildings, and resources

In King of Avalon, the basic element of progress is building structures and upgrading them for more resources.

The main base of your operations in the city is the Stronghold.

The higher level of your Stronghold, the more you will be able to upgrade your defenses (wall, watchtower), attack power, and so on.

Building up and/or repairing structures will require resources like food and wood.

These supplies can be obtained from your farm (food) and sawmill (wood), as well as fighting against your foes, completing quests, and more.

You should always unlock new land plots whenever possible for more building space because the more production you receive, the more you can grow and the higher speeds.

Training, troops, and quests

Training your army is one of the key tasks in the game, as they will determine your attack power as well as how fast you will be able to gather resources outside your city.

The main troop classes that you start with are infantry, bowmen, cavalry, and siege troops.

The higher level your troops are, the higher the chance of you being victorious against the enemy faction.

Therefore, do not forget to train your troops too and not just upgrade your buildings.

Quests are the main story plotline in the game with loads of rewards. They are divided into two categories: main and side quests.

Main quest completion is mandatory if you wish to advance in the story and read more chapters.

Side quests can be ignored because they won’t stop you from progressing.

However, we strongly advise you to complete side quests too, as they offer extra resources that are very important for leveling up.

Especially at the beginning of the game, completing side quests can help you get far in the game quickly.

If these are not enough and you still lack items and resources, then we suggest for you to join an alliance for help from alliance members, an exclusive store, and other benefits.

Talent points and upgrading

Talent Points are another way to boost your city’s growth.

They are separated into three groups:

  • War
  • Economy
  • Balance

If you decide to use your points in the war category, then you will increase your army’s attack, defense, health, speed, etc.

Economy points will boost your construction, production, research, gathering, and development.

Lastly, balance points make monster-hunting easier as well as increase hospital capacity, troop capacity and training, storage protection, recovery, and more.

Given the versatility of the talent point system, you can build towards your ideal style of play, making you stronger in exactly the way you wish to be.

Heroes and summon rates

Hero summoning is categorized into two kinds: normal and advanced. Normal summoning is available for free once a day.

More summons will cost you 30 Silver Summoning horns, which can be obtained through killing monsters, quests, etc.

The same goes for advanced summonings, except that instead of Silver Summoning horns, you will need Gold ones to do advanced summonings.

They can be obtained in different ways, including purchasing them and quest rewards.

Here are the rates for each type of summon in the game:

Summoning Drop Rates:


  • Blue Hero or Fragment: 9.09%
  • Green Hero or Fragment: 40.40%
  • Hero EXP (blue): 37.87%
  • Hero EXP (green): 12.64%


  • Purple Hero or Fragment: 23.11%
  • Blue Hero or Fragment: 23.68%
  • Green Hero or Fragment: 21.05%
  • Hero EXP (purple): 17.54%
  • Hero EXP (blue): 11.70%
  • Hero EXP(green): 2.92%


  • Orange Hero or Fragment: 15.35%
  • Purple Hero or Fragment: 45.26%
  • Blue Hero or Fragment: 10.95%
  • Hero EXP (purple): 18.96%
  • Hero EXP (blue): 9.48%

Each hero in the game is unique and has their own sets of abilities that give you various power-ups depending on their skills.

Therefore, be sure to check out your heroes’ skills in detail to optimize your strategy for the best result and a higher chance of victory.

Dragon system

Dragons are important in-game NPC’s as well as one of your greater allies who will help you on your journey.

Your dragons will be hatched and raised in the Dragon Lair.

Upgrading the lair will reduce EXP cost for your dragons’ upgrades (it will go as far as reducing over 22% after maxing out the lair) so keep that in mind.

Dragons are also like permanent buffs that keep getting stronger.

Benefits of dragons:

  • Troop Health, Attack, Defense, March Speed, and Load boost
  • Resource Gathering Speed
  • Bowmen vs. Infantry Damage Boost
  • Infantry vs. Bowmen Damage Reduction
  • Monster March Speed

Besides the mentioned advantages above, dragons also have skills like heroes who can be even enhanced.

Furthermore, dragons themselves can also be evolved to gain more stars and bring you greater stat boosts.

You are now ready to conquer the world and obtain limitless honor and glory.

Hopefully, this guide will help you proceed and grow faster in King of Avalon.

If you have any input or suggestions for this guide, then let us know in the comment section below.

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    I started this game about 3 weeks ago. I spent some money to get a base down I’m now at SH 30. Now learning basic things lol
    Top advice. Most of which I already know but the game is always evolving and changing and there’s always something new to learn.

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