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In idle RPG mobile games like Mobile Legends: Adventure, your main objective is to clear levels of enemies to progress through the campaign.

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Some players wish to rush through the campaign as fast as possible, which is why we’ve created this guide on how to level and progress through the game quickly.

Some of these tips will also help you if you are stuck on a certain level.

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Reroll for a great start

During the first couple of days after starting from scratch in ML: Adventure, you receive a bunch of free summons.

What heroes you pull from these summons have a significant effect on the speed at which you can progress.

Pulling a top-tier 4 or 5-star hero from the get-go not only increases your team’s power substantially but also allows you to focus and not waste your resources early on.

Rerolling for a great start does take time, but can do done differently depending on the number of days you are willing to wait for more free summons.

Learn how to do this in our guide on how to reroll.

Rerolling in ML Adventure

Maximize idle rewards every day

The majority of your Hero Experience and Battle Points you earn through idle rewards.

Idle rewards are passive rewards your heroes acquire even when you aren’t playing the game.

You can only earn a total of 12 hours worth of idle rewards at the time, which means you maximize idle rewards by logging in and collecting them at least every 12 hours.

This isn’t a necessity but is optimal to do for the hardcore player who wishes to progress as fast as possible.

Idle rewards image Mobile Legends Adventure

Gather diamonds

Diamonds is one of the most valuable currencies in ML: Adventure as you can exchange them for summons and summoning tickets.

One of the single best ways to increase the power of your team is by fusing heroes.

If you don’t have the required copies of heroes, you can’t do this, hence why diamonds are so valuable.

Collecting diamonds is a great idea whether you are starting on a new account or are stuck on a specific level later on in the game.

We recommend you check out our guide on how to get diamonds.

Diamonds gathering ML Adventure

Do Tower of Babel

Tower of Babel is a building located on the right side of the main screen.

Inside is a series of floors all containing a team of enemies.

Each floor features a team stronger than the last.

The difficulty of a specific floor doesn’t change relative to your team’s power, which means you can quickly clear a ton of floors if you haven’t done Tower of Babel in a while.

Besides diamonds and battle points, clearing floors earns you a chunk of advance stone, which is used for evolving heroes at certain levels.

Doing Tower of Babel Mobile Legends Adventure

That’s how to level up and progress fast in Mobile Legends: Adventure!

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