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One of the materials that you’ll need to research upgrades and craft items in your Stronghold is Iron Ore.

Iron Ore is one of the basic materials in the game that you need for most of the first recipes and research upgrades in your Stronghold.

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Before you can get Iron Ore in the game, you need to have unlocked Trade Skills and thereby Mining, which you do through the main questline in Lakebar.

To get Iron Ore in Lost Ark, you need to mine minerals veins around the world. To mine a mineral vein, walk up to it and press G while wearing a Mining Tool.

There are many maps in the game that have mineral veins that you can mine, but not all have them.

The first map where you can mine ores in Lost Ark is Lakebar. You’ll find veins in the middle and at the top of the map here.

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How to get Iron Ore in Lost Ark

You get Iron Ore in Lost Ark by mining mineral veins, which can be found on some maps in the game.

Before you can mine ore, you need to both have unlocked Trade Skills, which includes the Mining skill, and be wearing a Mining Tool.

If you’re following the main questline, you’ll unlock Trade Skills automatically while you’re in Lakebar.

Once you’ve found ore, walk up to it and press G to mine it. You’ll receive various minerals, including Iron Ore.

You won’t find veins to mine in every map in the game, but you can see whether or not a map has veins to mine by opening the World Map and looking under Area/Landmark for the available Trade Skills on the selected map.

Mineral veins appear as blue rocks on the minimap and in the Trade Skills section of the world map.

Lost Ark Mineral Vein Icon
Screenshot: Gamerempire.net

When farming for ore, look at the minimap while roaming around to find where veins are located quickly.

The first map you’ll reach where you can find mineral veins are thereby Iron ore is Lakebar, the same map where you learn Mining.

Mineral veins in Lakebar are located mostly in the middle of the map and at the top close to the Triport.

That’s how to get Iron Ore in Lost Ark and where to mine ores!

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