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You need Timber in Lost Ark for various purposes, including researching and crafting in your Stronghold.

Timber isn’t a material that’s dropped by enemies, so chances are that you won’t have much of it when you unlock and start using your Stronghold.

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Before you can start farming Timber, you need to learn Trade Skills, which you do by following the main questline in Lakebar.

You can get Timber in Lost Ark by chopping down a tree that can be logged. To chop down a tree, equip a Logging Tool, and press G next to a tree that can be logged.

Not all trees in Lost Ark can be logged. If a tree has a visible name like Arbor Tree and appears on the minimap in the top-right corner, you can chop it down.

Many maps in Lost Ark feature trees you can chop down for Timber. Bilbrin Forest is the first map you reach that has a lot of trees.

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How to get Timber in Lost Ark

To get Timber in Lost Ark, find a tree that can be logged and chop it down by pressing G next to it.

Chopping down a tree gives various kinds of Timber, including the basic version of the material. You get around a total of 6 basic Timber and 3 Tender Timber from chopping down a full tree.

Not every tree in Lost Ark can be logged. Only those who have a display name on them and appear as a log icon on the minimap in the top-right corner can be logged.

Lost Ark Tree for Logging
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There are many maps in Lost Ark that have trees on them that can be logged, but it’s far from all maps that do.

The first map you reach that has trees you can log after unlocking Trade Skills is Bilbrin Forest, which is located two maps after Lakebar.

In Bilbrin Forest, you’ll find the most trees at the top and on the left side of the map near Grayhammer Mine.

If you have not unlocked Trade Skills and thereby Logging yet, you cannot log trees to get Timber.

You also need to be wearing a Logging Tool to chop down a tree, but one will be given to you when you learn Logging.

However, once you unlock the Stronghold, which is where you’ll be in need of Timber for the first time, you should already have unlocked Logging from the main questline.

That’s how to get Timber in Lost Ark!

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