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Rudric is the first of many world bosses, also known as field bosses, in Lost Ark that roams freely in the vast world.

World bosses are powerful bosses that appear in the wild at specific locations like regular enemies.

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Each world boss has its own spawn location, level, unique skills, HP, and rewards. Later and more powerful world bosses usually give better rewards.

You can find the world boss Rudric in the bottom-left corner of the Graveyard in Rethramis Border in Rethramis. You can see the exact location on the map in the image later in this guide.

Even though Rudric is the first world boss you can face, he is still a world boss and is extremely powerful. You won’t be able to face him alone when you reach that area for the first time.

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Rudric boss location

Rudric is located in the bottom-left corner of the Graveyard in the Rethramis Border area in the Rethramis continent.

After he spawns, he roams around the bottom-left corner of the graveyard, too, so you don’t have to check the entire graveyard if you don’t see him.

In the following image, you can see the exact spawn location of the Rudric world boss in Lost Ark:

Lost Ark Rudric World Boss Spawn Location
Screenshot: Gamerempire.net

The fastest way to get there is to teleport to the Triport in the middle of the Regria Monastery and walk to the left.

If you don’t see Rudric upon reaching its spawn location, that means that he has recently been defeated, and you need to wait for him to spawn again or find him on another channel.

Rudric spawn time

The world boss Rudric spawns 30 minutes after he was last defeated. He does not have any specific spawn time in terms of time on the day, only that he spawns again 30 minutes after being defeated.

If you do not see Rudric when you go to his spawn location, that means that he was recently defeated.

To find Rudric, you’d have to either wait till he spawns again on that channel, which he’ll do within 30 minutes, or change channels until you find him.

With quite a long list of available channels on each server in Lost Ark, changing channels until you find him is a good strategy.

Rudric doesn’t despawn after a certain amount of time if nobody fights him, so if you don’t see him, he has recently been defeated on that channel.

How much HP does Rudric have?

Rudric has 1 million max HP, 1,034,510 to be exact, and is a level 17 boss.

Given that he has so much HP, it’s not a boss that you can face on your own when you reach the Rethramis Border first the first time, as you’ll be around level 16.

If there aren’t many other players fighting Rudric at the time when you find him, we recommend either waiting for more players to come or come back later.

Lost Ark Rudric Boss
Screenshot: Gamerempire.net

Later on in the game when you’re stronger, you can solo Rudric, and if you’re with other players as well, you won’t have any issues against him.

We defeated Rudric the first time when we were level 28 playing as a Sorceress, and there were around 7 other players fighting him at the same time. We had no issues.

Rudric skills overview

Rudric has four overall skills that you need to be aware of – a charged-up AoE knock-back swing in front of him, an AoE damage attack and fear in a circle around him, a smaller swinger all around him in a small range, and a skill that spawns enemies.

Rudric’s first skill, his AoE swing attack, makes Rudric charge up a large AoE-cone attack in front of him. Be sure to dodge this at it deals quite a blow.

Rudric’s second skill, his AoE circle attack that both deals damage and fears you, makes Rudric charge up a large attack around him, indicated by a blue ring. If you get hit by it, you both take damage and become feared for a short while. You can dodge this attack by standing very close to Rudric or far away.

Rudric’s third skill, his small AoE circle-fire attack, makes Rudric charge up and execute a fire attack around him, dealing damage in a short radius around him.

Rudric’s fourth skill, his enemies-spawning skill, makes Rudric summon a number of his underlings to attack you. It can be a good idea to deal with these enemies quickly, as they can quickly pile up and deal a bit of damage to you.

Rewards from defeating Rudric

Upon defeating any world boss in Lost Ark, you get its special reward chest.

Here are the rewards that you get from Rudric reward chest:

  • 3 pieces of Epic Gear
  • 1 Epic Accessory
  • Secret Map
  • Eternity Essence
  • Rudric Card

You only get the reward chest from a world boss the first time that you defeat it.

On top of the reward chest that you get from Rudric, you also get additional gear, most of which is epic, useable items, silver, and progress towards both your Adventurer’s Tome and achievements.

That’s all you need to know about the world boss Rudric and its location!

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