Lost Ark – Where Do You Get the Quest ‘The Final Report’?

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There are certain quests that you need to complete in Lost Ark to unlock parts of the end-game content.

One of those quests is ‘The Final Report’, which you need to complete to access tier 2 content and unlock skill gems.

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You get the quest ‘The Final Report’, after completing the dungeon, Ark of Arrogance, in Hall of Promise in Yorn through the main questline. The Final Report is the last quest in the main story of Yorn.

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Where is the quest The Final Report in Lost Ark?

The Final Report is one of the quests that is required to complete to access some of the end-game content and systems in Lost Ark.

It’s also the quest that you need to complete before you can start challenging and obtaining tier 2 content and gear, which will take your item level to the next level.

The Final Report quest is the final quest in the main questline in Yorn, which means that you simply have to follow the main questline there, and you’ll get to the quest.

Lost Ark The Final Report quest
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Before you can reach Yorn, you need to have reached item level 600, which you can do by honing all your tier 1 gear to +15.

The main questline in Yorn has a similar length as Rohendel. You can complete it in a couple of hours, depending on how fast you are and whether or not you choose to do sidequests along the way.

You get the quest ‘The Final Report’ after beating the dungeon Ark of Arrogance, which is located in the Hall of Promise.

After finishing up in the dungeon, you’re asked by Balthorr to report back to the Great Castle in Yorn.

Once you’ve reported back to Kaysarr, you complete The Final Report and can access more end-game content.

That’s where to find and complete the quest ‘The Final Report’ in Lost Ark.

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