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Being a lord is one of the best things Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord has to offer. Getting your own settlement and ruling over the populations of Calradia can be very satisfying.

However, seizing a town or castle can prove to be very hard, especially if you have no Mount and Blade knowledge.

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There are 2 simple ways for a Bannerlord player to get a settlement, and both will be explained in detail below.

One of these methods will require brute force and no regard for the political landscape of Calradia, and for the other, you will just need some patience and luck.

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Getting Your First Settlement in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

There are 2 straightforward ways to get a settlement in Bannerlord:

  • Conquer
  • Receive


To conquer a settlement, you will first need a strong, quality army and a weak opponent. You will, most likely, not succeed if you attack any kingdom at the start of the game.

Most factions are very powerful and can easily wipe the floor with any upstart lord such as yourself.

A normal settlement will have a garrison of 300-600 troops, which means you will need at least 250 to have a chance.

To increase your chances, you will have to look for a town or castle that is only surrounded by two factions. If you get a place with three factions around, they will all declare war on you in seconds.

It would be best if you attacked a settlement that has already been sieged down and conquered recently. The garrison for this town or castle will be far weaker than a safe, stockpiled settlement.

You should also go for a fiefdom that has the same culture as your character since then you won’t encounter different culture town debuffs.

Once the player has managed to acquire the settlement they will get the chance to start off their own kingdom from the ground up. However, they will need to reach Clan tier 4 first.

Luckily, if you would rather get the settlement through an easier method that won’t end up with you fighting at least two kingdoms non-stop, here is the second way.


By reaching Clan tier 2, you will be able to join a kingdom as their vassal. However, most Mount and Blade: Warband players will expect to receive a settlement right then and there.

Bannerlord doesn’t do this the same way. You will need to fight and conquer along with your factions a few settlements before even getting the chance to receive one.

How receiving a settlement works in Bannerlord is that once a town or castle has been conquered by your factions, a few weeks later, a vote will start to decide the ruler of the gained settlement.

There will be three choices, one always being the ruler of the faction. You will also have a chance to appear there if you conquered the fief or are influential and without a settlement yet.

You will also have a chance to spend 20, 60, or 100 influence to increase your chances of getting the fief. However, be prepared to lose even if you have a higher chance of getting the settlement, as the king of your faction can be greedy and hog all conquered castles.

The best thing you can do is constantly increase your influence and befriend the king and the most influential person in the kingdom. If they like you enough, they could root for you in the votes and grant you the fief by themselves.

You can also spend 200 influence to reelect the ruler of a settlement. Go to the Kingdom tab, then to the Fiefs option, and select a fief you want to change the ruler of. You can see the Propose option, as shown in the image above.

By using this method, you can even get a settlement in Bannerlord without even fighting. You can just go about your day, getting influence and playing politics, and acquire fiefs over fiefs.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get a settlement in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord!

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