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Personality traits show how you have played Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord until now. They show exactly what other people think of you.

These are really important when considering companions and lords to join your faction, as they will decide how that NPC lives his day-to-day life.

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Will they raid every village they get their hands on? Or will they help anyone on the way, even if they have fewer troops?

We have written a guide to explain everything related to Personality traits and how to get the ones you would like for your character.

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How do Personality Traits Work in Bannerlord

There are five stats that can decide what type of Personality your character can have:

  • Calculating
  • Generosity
  • Honor
  • Mercy
  • Valor

Each one of these stats will either increase or decrease based on your actions. Most of them will have one or two traits that you can get if you either lower or increase them a lot.

Some of the actions that you can fulfill can be very basic and still change one of the Personality trait stats.

For example, just taking care of your party and feeding them properly can have an effect on one of the stats listed above.

Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord How to Get Personality Trait

You can see what Personality traits you already have by entering the character menu and looking in the upper right corner. You can see it in the image above as well.

Before we delve into how to increase or decrease all of these stats, let’s first see all the Personality Traits you can get.

All Personality Traits

Here are all the Personality traits in Bannerlord. The numbers following each trait represent how much on the plus or minus you must be in that stat category to get the trait.

  • Calculating
    • Cerebral (2)
    • Calculating (1)
    • Impulsive (-1)
  • Generosity
    • Munificent (2)
    • Generous (1)
    • Closefisted (-1)
  • Honor
    • Honorable (2)
    • Honest (1)
    • Devious (-1)
    • Deceitful (-2)
  • Mercy
    • Compassionate (2)
    • Merciful (1)
    • Cruel (-1)
    • Sadistic (-2)
  • Valor
    • Fearless (2)
    • Daring (1)
    • Cautious (-1)

Getting Personality Traits in Bannerlord

There are many feats that can influence how you affect your Personality stats. Here is what you can do to change each one of the stats:


The Calculating stat is a weird one. The opposite of being Calculating is Impulsive, but there is no known way to actually decrease the stat.

This means that you can’t become Impulsive. You can, however, find random companions that do have this Personality trait.

To increase Calculating and get the Calculating or Cerebral trait, you will need to either release lords that you capture in battle or persuade a lord to defect from their faction.

Remember that actually getting to the traits will take a very long time, so just keep in mind that you can get them by doing those two things.

You can also get the hard-to-get Calculating Personality trait at the start of the game. When creating your character, at the Young Adulthood choices, two of them will instantly give you the trait.


This stat is a lot more straightforward, but it can take a really long until you can manage to get one of the Personality traits in the category.

To gain Generosity, you need to feed your army a lot of types of food and keep their morale up. To decrease Generosity, starve your party.


Honor is the easiest category to decrease, as you only need to execute lords to instantly become Devious if you were at 0.

To increase Honor, you will need to perform quests and not betray the quest giver. By betrayal, we mean even failure. If you fail a quest, you will lose Honor.

Many quests have a little plot twist that will usually result in you either helping the quest giver or their victim. If you go against the guest giver, you will always lose Honor (examples: the Landlord needs access to commons quest)


Players can increase their Mercy Personality trait in Bannerlord by saving villagers and caravans and by generally being a good person (not raiding and pillaging every village in your path).

To decrease Mercy and become Cruel or Sadistic, you need to kill as many people as you can. Destroy every village that comes your way, and you will become Sadistic in no time.


There are only two things that can increase and decrease your Valor stat. To increase Valor and get the Fearless Personality trait, players need to win fights when their strength is weaker than the enemies’.

To decrease Valor, you need to choose the Sacrifice Troops option to get away from your enemies. Every time you use the Sacrifice Troops option, Valor will decrease.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get a Personality trait in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord!

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