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So, you have been at war for days, even months, and you think it is finally time to make peace with one of your enemies in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord.

Peace is great. It gives you a chance to recuperate and concentrate on other important matters that you wouldn’t have time for during an intense war.

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However, making peace can be quite different, depending on your status and position in Calradia at the time of this war.

Here is exactly how you can make peace in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, and start rebuilding either your treasury or your kingdom.

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How to Make Peace in Bannerlord

There are three situations you might find yourself in which might require you to make peace:

  • You are an independent clan at war with a faction
  • You are a vassal of a faction
  • You are the leader/king of a faction

In each of these instances, you might have to do something different to make peace with whomever you offended in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord.

If you are the leader of an independent clan and don’t have a faction that you lead, making peace is very straightforward.

However, once you are part of a faction, things change. You will have to deal with your fellow vassals and also hope the enemy surrenders.

Independent Clan

If you are on your own, you can usually declare war on a faction by attacking them or their settlements.

To make peace with them, you will need to talk to one of the vassals of that kingdom. It does not matter if they are the leader or just a random lord. Anyone can negotiate a peace deal with you.

So here is exactly how you can make peace in Bannerlord as an independent clan:

  1. Talk to any lord of the opposing faction (preferably someone you can defeat if you can’t come to an agreement).
  2. Choose the “There is something I’d like to discuss” option and then go for the “Perhaps we don’t have to come to blows” or “Our realms should make peace” dialogue choices.
  3. The barter menu will now open. Click the “Auto Offer” button in the middle of the screen (The two shaking hands).
  4. Give them what they want and select the green “Offer” from the bottom of the screen.
  5. Done! You’ve made peace!

Depending on your strength and the power of the faction you are facing, the amount of money you have to give them can be huge.

The normal amount is somewhere between 10k and 30k. However, the amounts are a bit random at times, and you can sometimes find enemies that want more than 100k.

But, there is another way for people that don’t want to lose too much money on peace offers. You can always just join a faction as a vassal or a mercenary.

If you join another faction as either a vassal or mercenary, your war with the other faction will disappear. However, if you joined as a mercenary, if your contract ends, you will be once again at war with that faction.


The worst spot you can find yourself in is to be a vassal that wants peace. All kingdoms in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord have a semi-democratic system when it comes to important decisions.

If you were to want to choose a new policy, declare war, or make peace, you would have to vote on the matter along with the other clan leaders part of the faction.

To make peace as a vassal in Bannerlord, here is what you need to do:

  1. Open the Kingdom menu and select the Diplomacy tab.
  2. Select the faction you want to make peace with.
  3. At the bottom of the menu, you will see a button with “Propose”. Click it and use 100 Influence to kickstart a vote for peace with that faction.
  4. Three options will appear before you: Peace, War, and Abstain. Select the one that will result in peace.

That should be all you need to do to make peace. However, you have a high chance of failing the vote since there can be more vassals that still want war.

You can try to give even more influence than the 100 you already used, but you can still fail even then. On the other hand, you can see beforehand if your bonus influence has a chance of turning the vote over.

The best thing to do before a peace vote is to save. You can then load if you lose the vote and try again later or try to peace out with a different faction.

The only problem is that, very often, the peace option you are proposing can be one where your faction gives a daily tribute to the other faction.

To increase the chances of gaining a profitable peace offer or for the enemies to propose peace, you have to do three things:

The first two might make sense to you, but you are probably confused about the third requirement. Factions in Bannerlord decide if they want war based on their pride rather than on their actual strength.

If you take almost all the settlements of a kingdom, they would never want to make peace. They would prefer to fight forever to get back their territories.

However, raiding and capturing lords without killing them can result in the opposing faction craving peace. Their economy and war strength would be destroyed, resulting in a favorable peace offer.


When you are a king, the process is the same as it is for a vassal. You don’t go back to the ways of the lonely clan that can negotiate a peace deal with a random lord.

If you do try to negotiate a peace offer with a lord, they will say that you need to speak to the king, and if you try to negotiate with the king, they will say that they need to talk to their council.

So, just go into the Diplomacy tab and propose peace. However, if you don’t like the terms of the peace, just follow the steps from above and get a peace offer from the enemy.

The best part of being a king is that the peace offer is going to cost only 50 Influence, and you can force the resolution of the vote. On the other hand, your vassals might be upset with you if you override their votes.

If you are fighting on too many fronts, consider paying one of your enemies tribute in order to finish off a weaker or preferred enemy.

That’s everything you need to know about how to make peace in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord!

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