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Slayer is one of the most profitable and engaging skills to train in Old School RuneScape! From training all your combat stats, killing bosses, and getting an impressive loot collection, Slayer is a beloved skill by players of all combat brackets!

For new players entering the game, specifically those who have just received member status, getting started with Slayer can be a bit odd.

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In this article, I will talk about Slayer and how you can get started in training it in Old School RuneScape!

You can start Slayer in OSRS by doing a quest that introduces the skill or by going to a Slayer Master directly. There are no base combat requirements to start Slayer in OSRS, but it is recommended to get at least base 40 combat stats.

For players looking for a fresh introduction to how Slayer works, the “A Porcine of Interest” quest gives a handy insight into the Slayer skill. There are also multiple lower-level Slayer Masters (Tureal, Mazchna, Spria) that will assign low-level monsters for you to kill.

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How to Start Training Slayer in Old School RuneScape

Technically, there are multiple ways where you can get started with the Slayer skill. Either by completing a specific beginner-level quest that introduces the skill or by going to a Slayer Master directly.

Training the Slayer skill involves going to a Slayer Master who will assign you a “Slayer Task”.

A Slayer task will involve you killing a specific creature a specific number of times (i.e., You are assigned to kill 36 Spiders).

While you are killing your assigned monsters, you will gain Slayer exp based on the number of Hitpoints that creature has (there are some exceptions, but only at much higher levels, which we will not get into here).

“A Porcine of Interest” Quest – An Introduction to Slayer

This quest was added in 2020 with the purpose of introducing players to the Slayer skill.

The quest itself is very short and does not have any requirements to complete it. However, at the very end, you will need to kill a level-37 Sourhog.

Upon completing the quest, you are rewarded with 1 Quest point, 1k Slayer exp, 30 Slayer reward points, and a pair of Reinforced goggles (the item used to kill Sourhogs).

The quest allows the player to walk through the general cycle of how slayer works: someone assigns you to kill a creature, and you do so to claim slayer exp and a reward.

You will also understand the concept of “Slayer items” and how specific items are needed to kill certain monsters.

Slayer Equipment

There are certain items that are required to kill specific slayer creatures.

Slayer Level NeededSlayer EquipmentUses
1Enchanted gemUsed to contact Slayer masters and check how many kills you have left for a task.
1Spiny helmetUsed to protect against Wall beasts.
1Reinforced gogglesUsed to fight Sourhogs.
1Granite bootsUsed to enter the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon
1Shayzien armourUsed to fight Lizardman shamans
10FacemaskUsed to enter the Smoke Dungeons and to fight Dust devils.
15EarmuffsUsed to fight Banshees.
20Bag of saltUsed to kill Rock slugs.
22Ice coolerUsed to fight Desert lizards.
25Mirror shieldUsed to fight Basilisks and Cockatrices.
32Fishing explosiveUsed to fight Mogres and awaken the Kraken boss.
33Bug lanternUsed to fight Harpie bug swarms.
35Witchwood iconUsed to fight Cave horrors.
37Insulated bootsUsed to fight Killerwatts and protect against Rune Dragons’ special attack.
39Slayer bellUsed to fight Molanisks.
42Slayer glovesUsed to fight Fever spiders.
44Boots of stone/Boots of brimstoneUsed to enter the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon.
55Leaf-bladed weaponry/Slayer’s staff/Broad ammoUsed to kill Turoths and Kurasks. Slayer staff is used to cast the Slayer Dart spell.
56Crystal chimeUsed to kill Warped terrorbirds and Warped tortoises.
57Fungicide sprayUsed to kill Mutated Zygomites.
60Nose pegUsed to fight Aberrant spectres.
75Rock hammerUsed to fight Gargoyles.

Slayer Helmet/Black Mask

The Black mask (dropped from Cave horrors or bought from the Grand Exchange for around 650k), can be worn to give a 16.6% Attack and Strength boost while doing a slayer task.

The mask can be imbued from the Nightmare Zone or Soul Wars to extend this boost to both Ranged and Magic Attack.

Players who have 55 Crafting can unlock the “Malevolent Masquerade” unlock from a Slayer Master for 400 Slayer reward points.

This allows them to combine the Black mask with a Nose peg, Facemask, Earmuffs, Spiny helmet, Reinforced goggles, and an Enchanted gem to create a Slayer helmet.

The Slayer helmet combines all those items’ effects, including being able to contact a Slayer master through the Enchanted gem.

Like the Black mask, it can also be imbued at the Nightmare Zone or Soul Wars to give the extra Ranged and Magic bonus (15% to each).

When starting off with Slayer, this is the item most players go for first before unlocking everything else, as it is the number one item to wear while on a Slayer task.

Slayer Masters Explained

Players in Old School RuneScape need to speak to a Slayer Master to get assigned a Slayer task.

There are multiple Slayer Masters (some with requirements at higher levels) that players can choose from, but if you are just starting out with Slayer, you will most likely start with Turael, Spria, Mazchna or Vannaka.

Slayer MasterLocationNotes
TuraelSouth-east BurthorpeEntry-level Slayer Master. Can assign a Slayer Task to a player that already has a task assigned from a different master.
SpriaDraynor VillageEntry-level Slayer Master. The Slayer Master who you work with during the “A Porcine of Interest” quest.
MazchnaNorth-east CanifisEntry-level Slayer Master who requires 20 Combat to speak with.
VannakaEdgeville DungeonMedium-level Slayer Master who requires 40 Combat to speak with.Can assign a mix of medium and high-level monsters as Slayer tasks.
ChaelderZanarisMedium-level Slayer Master who requires 70 Combat and completion of the “Lost City” quest to speak with.
Konar quo MatenMount KaruulmHigh-level Slayer Master who requires 75 Combat to talk to. Instead of assigning just a creature to kill, she will also tell you which location they must be killed at.
Nieve/SteveTree Gnome StrongholdHigh-level Slayer Master who requires 85 Combat to speak with.Gives tough slayer tasks that are usually more profitable.
DuradelShilo VillageHigh-level Slayer Master who requires 100 Combat and 50 Slayer to speak with.Assigns the toughest Slayer Tasks, including boss tasks.
KrystiliaNorth-east of EdgevilleCan only complete her Slayer Tasks in the Wilderness for increased Slayer reward points and Larren’s keys.

In Conclusion

When starting off for Slayer, be sure to stick with a Slayer Master that matches your combat style so you are not fighting monsters that are too high-level for you.

Be sure to save up on Slayer reward points so you can earn your Slayer helmet as fast as possible.

If you stick with a Slayer Master and get comfortable with understanding what the different Slayer items do, you will succeed just fine!

Slayer is potentially one of the best skills for players to train in Old School RuneScape.

Dragging players all over Gielinor to train their combat stats and earn a lot of gp, Slayer allows players to explore the rest of the game.

That is how you can start training Slayer in Old School RuneScape!

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