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“Fancy Footwear,” “Toe-ful Coverings,” or even “Sweet Kicks.” No matter what you call them, boots in Old School RuneScape help give players an edge in combat, providing more offensive and defensive bonuses than originally meets the eye.

There are boots for every combat style (and fashion sense) in Old School RuneScape, some of which come with their own niche effects and bonuses that make them Best-In-Slot for certain scenarios.

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Because of how good some boots are, they can cost tens of millions of GP each. But with so many different options, which ones are considered the best?

The best boots in OSRS include the “Cerberus Boots Trio”: the Primordial, Pegasian, and Eternal Boots, the Devout Boots, Blessed D’Hide Boots, Spiked Manacles, as well as skilling-based boots such as the Fremennik Sea Boots 4 and the Graceful Boots.

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Best Boots in OSRS

In the past, we have covered the best weapons and even the best armour in Old School RuneScape. However, boots can be treated differently because they are often exchangeable and can be used in different environments.

Not all boots are specific to PvM, as some exist for passive skilling effects or as popular fashion picks within the OSRS community.

Regardless, we will cover boots of every variety so you can choose the correct ones to invest in based on the kind of content you will be doing!

Primordial Boots

In most melee-combat scenarios, Primordial Boots are the Best-In-Slot melee strength option for boots.

Requiring 75 Strength and 75 Defence to wear, they can sell for around 30m on the Grand Exchange. Alternatively, you can use a Primordial Crystal from Cerberus on a pair of Dragon Boots to make them yourself.

Providing a small amount of Offensive melee bonuses, they also give an all-around +22 to Defensive Stab, Slash, and Crush. Primordial Boots also give a +5 Strength bonus, the highest boots to do so in OSRS.

While the price is incredibly high, for players who do high-level PvM combat, Primordial Boots are an optimal choice to deal with as much DPS as possible.

Guardian Boots

While Primordial Boots provides the best melee DPS bonus, Guardian Boots gives the highest melee defensive bonuses among all boots in Old School RuneScape.

Selling for around 10m on the Grand Exchange, they can also be created using a Black Tourmaline Core (a drop from the Grotesque Guardians) on a pair of Bandos Boots.

Guardian Boots require 75 Defence to wear and give a whopping +32 Defensive Stab, Slash, and Crush bonus. They also give a +24 Defensive Range, +3 Strength, and +2 Prayer bonus.

Despite Primordial Boots providing slightly more DPS bonuses, Guardian Boots are incredibly strong because they give great all-around defensive stats on top of Prayer bonuses (one of few boots to do so in OSRS).

Specializing in places where you are serving as a tank role in Boss fights, Guardian Boots are an excellent option in nearly any combat scenario.

Pegasian Boots

Switching to the Ranged combat style, Pegasian Boots are the Best-In-Slot Ranged boots in Old School RuneScape.

Being the “Ranged-Variant” of Primordial Boots, they also sell for around 30m on the Grand Exchange and can be used by using a Pegasian Crystal on a pair of Ranger Boots.

They require 75 Ranged and 75 Defence to wear and give a +12 Offensive Ranged bonus and +5 to all Defensive stats.

These boots provide the highest Offensive Ranged bonuses in Old School RuneScape, turning players into devastating Rangers while worn.

Eternal Boots

The last of the “Cerberus Boots Trio” is Eternal Boots, the Best-In-Slot Magic Boots in Old School RuneScape.

However, they are much cheaper than the former, as they only sell for around 6m on the Grand Exchange. However, they can be created by using an Eternal Crystal on a pair of Infinity Boots.

Eternal Boots require 75 Magic and 75 Defence to wear and give a +8 Offensive Magic and +8 Defensive Magic bonus. They also give +5 Defensive bonuses to the other combat styles.

Given that they are only used for a “Max Mage” setup, they are often replaced with a more balanced set of boots when going for a Tribrid setup.

Devout Boots

For situations where having the best Prayer bonus possible is needed, Devout Boots provides the Best-In-Slot Prayer bonus for boots in Old School RuneScape.

They can be bought off the Grand Exchange for around 2m, but can be created using Drake’s Tooth on a pair of Holy Sandals.

Requiring 60 Prayer to wear, Devout boots provide a +5 Prayer bonus, which, as mentioned, is the highest in the game.

While not having any extra Offensive or Defensive bonuses can be a bit of a turnoff, being able to focus on having as much Prayer as possible can be useful for AFK combat situations or even for casual Slayers.

Blessed D’Hide Boots

Coming in variants representing the different gods of Old School RuneScape, Blessed D’Hide Boots are a decent alternative to spending 30m on Pegasian boots, as these boots give a nice spread of balanced bonuses for the costs of around 600k-1m on the Grand Exchange.

Requiring 70 Ranged and 40 Defence to wear, these boots give a +7 Offensive Ranged bonus, +4 all-around Defensive bonuses, and a +1 Prayer bonus.

Normally obtained by opening Hard Treasure Trail Caskets, these boots provide decent Ranged-based stats for players looking to save gp to invest in other areas of their gear setup.

Since these boots come in variations of the different gods (i.e., Armadyl D’Hide Boots, Zamorak D’Hide Boots, etc.), they are commonly used in the God Wars Dungeon to help prevent followers of a certain god from attacking you.

Spiked Manacles

When picking boots based on cost-efficiency and melee DPS, Spiked Manacles are an excellent option for players just starting combat training.

Normally obtained by opening Medium Treasure Trail Caskets, they sell on the Grand Exchange for around 600k.

What makes Spiked Manacles so unique is that not only are there no level requirements to wear them, but they give a +4 Strength bonus, which even surpasses Guardian Boots in terms of DPS.

Because of this, Spiked Manacles are commonly used for low-level accounts attempting to maximize their Offensive capabilities as much as possible, often in cases for pure accounts that do not want to train their Defence level.

Fremennik Sea Boots 4

Part of the Achievement Diary set, the Fremennik Sea Boots, can be acquired after completing the Fremennik Achievement Diary tiers.

The Fremennik Sea Boots 4 can be obtained after completing the Elite Tier Fremennik Achievement Diary.

These boots provide a mild amount of Defensive bonuses and +1 Strength but truly shine when referring to their capabilities.

Obtaining these boots will give you unlimited teleports to Rellekka, which is extremely useful for accounts camping at bosses like Vorkath or Dagannoth Kings.

Completing this Elite Tier will also make Dagannoth Kings drop their bones in noted form, allowing you to extend your trip much longer and earn a greater profit.

You can also talk to the residents on Lunar Isle without a Seal of Passage, use the Return Orb to instantly go from Lunar Isle to Rellekka, and use your Enchanted Lyre to teleport to Neitiznot or Jatizso.

While lacking in combat stats, earning these boots unlocks a plethora of useful features based around the Fremennik area.

Graceful Boots

As part of the Graceful set, Graceful Boots give a player an increased Run Restoration rate while lowering their weight.

Like unlocking the full Graceful outfit, Graceful Boots can be earned by spending 40 Marks of Grace to Grace in the Rogues’ Den.

Despite not having any combat bonuses, Graceful Boots (as well as the entire outfit) are incredibly useful for players completing various skilling activities that involve running around and conserving energy.

While their Run Restoration properties are in full force when wearing the full outfit, you can still wear Graceful Boots with the rest of your skilling gear to help optimize your skilling grind.

Fancy Boots/ Fighting Boots/ Fancier Boots

Arguably one of the most iconic boots in Old School RuneScape, these boots can be obtained by completing the final level of the Stronghold of Security.

You will also earn 10k gp in the process, making this one of the first unlocks people strive for after leaving Tutorial Island.

Upon looting the Cradle of Life on the final floor, you can get both Fancy and Fighting Boots, each with its own colors and pattern scheme.

Furthermore, if you have a Jagex Account (or converted your account into one), you will be able to combine the Fancy and Fighting Boots into Fancier Boots, combining their color patterns and designs.

Despite these boots only providing extremely few Defensive bonuses, they are still an iconic set of boots to wear within Old School RuneScape.

Those are the best boots in Old School RuneScape!

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