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Firemaking in Old School RuneScape is often seen as a useless skill to train, but there are still many benefits to doing so.

Thankfully, the training methods used to reach 99 Firemaking provide really nice experience rates while still being much more relaxing than other skills.

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In this guide, I am going to detail the journey from level 1-99 Firemaking in Old School RuneScape. I’ll go over traditional methods, expected profits you can make, and the main benefits of reaching 99 Firemaking!

The most efficient way that players in Old School RuneScape reach 99 Firemaking is by burning logs until level 50, then training at Wintertodt.

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How to Train Levels 1-99 Firemaking in OSRS

When it comes to training Firemaking in OSRS, it’s straightforward: burn everything!

Whether it’s burning regular logs, making Pyre logs, or fighting the Wintertodt boss, the goal of Firemaking is to harness your inner pyro!

Levels 1-50+: Burning Logs

Straight off Tutorial Island, OSRS players should be familiar with the act of chopping down trees and burning them with a tinderbox.

Also, it can be a bit slow early on. As you get your Firemaking level higher, your success rate for burning logs goes up exponentially.

Furthermore, there is nothing stopping you from buying logs straight from the Grand Exchange to burn to your liking.

Although you may be missing out on early-game Woodcutting experience, it will greatly speed up your Firemaking training.

Although it is recommended to only burn logs until 50 Firemaking and move on to Wintertodt, you may also keep burning logs all the way to 99 Firemaking, but you will lose around 30m in logs in the process.

LevelsLogsAverage Exp. per Hour# of Logs Needed for Next Log Type
1-15Normal Logs58k exp61
15-30Oak Logs89k exp183
30-35Willow Logs133k exp101
35-45Teak Logs155k exp373
45-50Maple Logs200k exp295
50-60Mahogany Logs233k exp1,095
60-75Yew Logs300k exp4,626
75-90Magic Logs450k exp13,614
90-99Redwood Logs518k exp21,966

When it comes to burning logs, you will need to find a location to burn them, as your character will continuously move in one direction as you burn them.

The most recommended place for this is Varrock West Bank, where you start your “line” at the fountain and end just a few tiles south of a banker.

Once you reach the end, simply withdraw a full inventory of logs and repeat.

Coloured Logs

If you’re an ambitious fire maker that really wants to reach 99 Firemaking as fast as possible, you can also create coloured logs and burn them.

Coloured logs can be created by using the Gnomish firelighters on regular logs to burn. This gives a log an extra 10 exp per log burned.

On top of this, coloured logs always burn on the first attempt, and vice with regular logs, where you can fail the process of lighting it, slowing down your experience rates.

Although a much more expensive training of Firemaking, and only at early levels, it can be worth it for those wanting to speed run their skillcape.

Levels 50-99: Wintertodt

Wintertodt, also known as the “early-game Hardcore Ironman killer”, is a skilling boss in Old School RuneScape that is centered around the Firemaking skill.

Although it acts more as a minigame than a boss, it provides a decent amount of Firemaking experience while giving the players good gp per hour.

In summary, fighting Wintertodt involves wearing cold-protection gear, as well as having a tinderbox, an axe, a hammer, a knife (optional), and some food in your inventory to protect from the occasional damage you will take.

Players start off by lighting the braziers in the south corners of the boss.

Afterward, the rest of the encounter involves players chopping Bruma roots from the nearby trees and offering them in the lit brazier.

There are also other obstacles to subduing Wintertodt, in the form of heavy snow falling on you for damage, blistering winds hitting you for damage, and Wintertodt breaking the brazier to both hit you for damage and put out the fire.

In between rounds, players can quickly teleport to a POH to use a rejuvenation pool to restore their lost hitpoints and teleport back with the basic jewelry box in their POH.

Players have also been known to teleport to the Ferox Enclave with a Rung of Dueling and teleport back with a Games necklace.

Starting at 50 Firemaking, you can expect experience rates of around 160k per hour, eventually scaling up to 320k experience per hour at level 99.

Overall, the encounter is relatively relaxing compared to constantly having to click on multiple logs in your inventory to burn them.

Other Things to Consider

The Firemaking skill itself does not have complex methods that make reaching level 99 a pain, which is nice for the average player.

As well as these methods, there are other things that you can consider to help speed up your journey to 99 Firemaking.

Items Commonly Used for Firemaking

  • Tinderbox
    • The item required for lighting fires in Old School RuneScape.
    • Commonly bought from General Stores.
  • Pyromancer Outfit
    • Obtained as a possible reward from the Wintertodt supply crates.
    • Each piece acts as cold-protection gear when facing Wintertodt.
    • Each piece provides a boost of experience when Firemaking, totaling a 2.5x multiplier when wearing the full set.
  • Bruma Torch
    • Acts as a cold-protection item when facing Wintertodt.
    • Can be used in place of a Tinderbox.
  • Gnomish Firelighter
    • This item can hold up to 1,000 of any one gnomish firelighter colour.
    • Can be obtained as a reward from Medium Treasure Trail caskets or bought from the Grand Exchange for around 3k.

Quests That Give Firemaking Experience as a Reward

  • Quest Name (Required Firemaking Lvl) – Firemaking Experience Rewarded
  • Heroes’ Quest (None) – 1,575 exp
  • The Giant Dwarf (Lvl 16) – 1,500 exp
  • Enlightened Journey (Lvl 20) – 4k exp
  • Enakhra’s Lament (Lvl 45) – 7k exp
  • Making Friends with My Arm (Lvl 66) – 40k

Obtaining the 99 Firemaking Skillcape

So, you set the world on fire enough times to where you reached 99 Firemaking? Congratulations!

The Firemaking skillcape can be bought from Ignatius Vulcan just south of Seer’s Village for 99k.

The cape itself acts as a piece of warm clothing for when you are facing Wintertodt.

It will also act as a light source that can’t be extinguished.

That is how you can train levels 1-99 Firemaking in Old School RuneScape!

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