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An Xp lamp in Old School RuneScape is an item a player can use to instantly gain experience points in a skill. Xp lamps are gained through random events, Achievement Diary completions, completing certain quests, and other milestone achievements.

Although it can occasionally vary on what skills you are allowed to use it on, they are a neat way to gain passive experience towards skills that you don’t enjoy training!

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But which skills should you use an Xp lamp on, and which skills should you not? In this article, I am going to discuss the best skills to use Xp lamps on and the reason behind it when training in Old School RuneScape!

Xp lamps in OSRS should be used on skills that either take a long time or are expensive to train. These skills include Runecrafting, Mining, Agility, Construction, or Prayer. There are also skills that you should avoid using Xp lamps on because they are not worth it, such as combat skills, Slayer, and Firemaking.

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What to Use Xp Lamps On in OSRS

When it comes to Xp lamps, they aren’t an item that you would casually get in the game, so it is best to make them count when using one!

Xp lamps from a random event will give you experience equal to your chosen skill’s level times 10. However, other lamps from Achievement Diaries and quests can give you upwards of 50k experience at a time!

Some of these lamps have restrictions. For example, the Xp lamp from completing the “Contact!” Quest can only be used on combat-related skills.

When it comes to skills to choose from, you should focus on skills that either take a long time or have a high cost to train. Some of these skills include:


Number one on the list, this skill both takes a long time to train and can be incredibly click-intensive.

Although this skill has improved with the release of the “Guardians of the Rift” minigame, any amount of extra experience given to this skill will save you a lot of headaches in the long run.


Although nostalgic, this skill can take an incredibly long time to train if you aren’t doing tick-manipulation methods.

There are still passive methods to train this skill that aren’t as bad, but that time can be spent completing more intriguing content in the game.


One of the only skills that doesn’t cost anything to train, nor requires any items, it can still be bothersome to run the same agility courses for hours on end.

Agility can also be used to help train other skills, so it is worth trying to get 99 Agility as fast as possible to have efficient account progression.


A direct opposite from the previous skill, this skill can be trained quickly, but has an incredibly high cost to doing so.

The fastest methods can cost a player upwards of 100m to reach 99 Construction.


Much of Prayer training involves sacrificing thousands of bones at an altar, which can cost millions of gp.

Although the previous skills would benefit more from the extra experience, it is still worth it to use them on Prayer to save you more gp in the long run.

However, if you already know of a decent money-making method, the previous point is null and void.

You can check out our in-depth money-making guide, where we talk about three different ways to make incredible gp per hour across different skill levels.

Skills to Avoid Using an Xp Lamp On

While there are specific skills that are highly recommended to use an Xp lamp on, there are also skills that you should train naturally.

The reason for this is that training some of these skills allows you to both engage with some interesting content in the game, but the rewards pay off much better instead of using experience lamps.

Skills you should avoid using Xp lamps on include:

Combat Skills (Attack, Strength, Defence, Magic, Range, Hitpoints)

It goes without saying that combat in Old School RuneScape can serve entirely as its own game.

Most experience that you put on a combat skill from a lamp can be earned as simple as killing a few monsters in a much quicker time.

Training combat also lets you earn massive drops from bosses, so it is not worth it to skimp out on the rewarding content.


This skill and the combat skills go hand-in-hand with each other. This skill forces players to travel across Gielinor and train not just their Slayer skill but their combat skills as well while earning tons of rewards from it.

With so many other annoying skills to train, there is no reason to use experience lamps on Slayer (unless you are a very specific skilling or Ironman account that wants to do so).


Unleashing your inner pyrotechnic is always more fun than training Firemaking through experience lamps.

On a more serious note: training Firemaking by going to Wintertodt allows you to gain tons of skilling rewards that will either earn you profit or set you up well to train other skills (i.e. seeds for Farming, logs for Fletching, the Dragon Axe for Woodcutting for Ironman accounts).

Firemaking is also one of the fastest skills in the game to train. You can read our in-depth 1-99 Firemaking Training Guide to learn more information.

Those are skills you should use an Xp Lamp on in Old School RuneScape!

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