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NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) can add depth, interaction, and new challenges to the game. In Project Zomboid, many players are curious about whether NPCs exist in this post-apocalyptic world.

In this post, we will answer the question, “Are there NPCs in the game?” and discuss the current state of the game developments.

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In Project Zomboid, there are currently no NPCs in either single or multiplayer. However, you can install a mod to let NPCs survive in your world.

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Are There NPCs in Project Zomboid?

While playing with other people in multiplayer mode increases your collaboration and teamwork skills, it’s a little bit more difficult in single mode since you’re the only main character. Thus, you need NPCs as allies to interact with.

Unfortunately, NPCs are not present in the current build of the game (according to the official website, with the stable build 41.78.16). While the game offers incredible single-player gameplay, it lacks AI-controlled characters.

However, through the official website’s news updates, it can be said that the developers are actively working on this feature.

It is uncertain if all the planned features will be included in the initial unstable release of Build 42. On the other hand, the developers are committed to prioritizing the implementation of NPCs and aim to introduce them as soon as possible, even if it means releasing subsequent updates during an extended unstable B42 release cycle.

Thanks to an update from rodrigoold on Reddit, the game’s developers intend to showcase a lot of NPCs cool features. Some can be named: job systems, personality systems, combat systems, autonomous survival behaviors, advanced group behavior systems, vehicle driving systems, etc.

That said, these NPC features not only enrich the gameplay but also create a more dynamic and immersive survival experience.

How to Add NPCs to Project Zomboid using Mods

Although the vanilla version doesn’t support NPCs, installing mods can still make your dream come true.

First, suppose you play Project Zomboid via Steam, then log in to your account and check out this Superb Survivors! mod. Next, click “Subscribe” to automatically install it on your Steam.

Open Project Zomboid on the main screen, locate and select “Mods”, then find and double-click on the mod “Superb Survivors” to enable it.

Go back and start a game as usual. Once you have launched the game, you will see a few new spawn locations and meet new NPCs by exploring afterward.

Additionally, you should uninstall or at least disable other NPC mods in advance to avoid crashing the game.

That’s the truth about NPCs in Project Zomboid!

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