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In Project Zomboid, keeping yourself alive against the relentless undead and the harsh realities of daily life is challenging.

However, have you ever been curious about other factors that can lead to death, such as aging? In other words, can you die of old age in Project Zomboid?

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Fortunately, you cannot die of old age in Project Zomboid.

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Can You Die Of Old Age in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, you can die for various reasons: poison, zombification, bleeding, etc.

If you manage to handle these dangers and sustain your life, are there any additional risks that affect your life, such as dying of old age?

According to the official post from Project Zomboid on Twitter, which leads to a discussion on Reddit about the possibility of death (due to old age), most players have tried to test it, and all of them come to the same conclusion:
You can’t die of old age in Project Zomboid.

There used to be a set age for the character, which was unnecessary and didn’t really have any impact on gameplay. Hence, this feature is eliminated in Build 41.

That said, the main risk that can lead to death is the undead. That’s why the developers indicate the text “This is how you die” in the early game, which also means the game has no ending.

Therefore, as long as you provide enough calories, stay away from the undead, and try not to lose your health, you can live forever in Project Zomboid without worrying about other factors.

How to Check Whether You May Die of Aging (Debug Mode Only)

In case you suspect our conclusion, you can also create a world and check the truth.

First, you need to enable debug mode in your game. Next, select “Solo” from the main screen, select “Custom Sandbox”, and choose your preferred starting location.

In the Custom Sandbox option, you should follow our recommendation settings below to test easier.

In Population, select None in Zombie Count, which means there are no zombies in the game. Indeed, there’s no risk from them anymore.

In time, change the value in Day Length from 1 hour to 15 minutes, meaning that a day in Project Zomboid only lasts 15 minutes in real-time.

In Loot Rariy, consider changing all settings from rare to abundant to provide helpful resources for survival.

In Character, you should set the value in Stats Decrease from Normal to Very Slow. Moreover, the Endurance Regeneration setting should be adjusted to Very Fast.

Both settings allow you to regain your endurance faster and avoid losing moodles significantly.

Next, choose your traits, occupation, and appearance, and start the game.

Although a day now lasts only 15 minutes, it still costs you 5475 minutes (91,25 hours) to complete a year in the game. However, you can click on the speed-up icons on the top right of your screen to speed up considerably.

To ensure there’s no harm to your character, you should stay inside, then click on the debug icon (the mosquito one on the left side of the screen), select “General Debugger” => “Moddles and Body”, and manually change the moodles that negatively affect your character (Thirst, Hunger, Fatigue, Boredom, etc.).

To check how many days you’ve passed, select “Player’s Stats” and locate the “Survived For” setting.

Now you can farm, build, and keep alive forever!

That answers the question of whether or not you can you die of old age in Project Zomboid!

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