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Lacerations and scratches are two of the most common injuries in Project Zomboid. Both of them can lead to severe outcomes if not treated correctly, especially when it comes to lacerations.

In this post, we’ll show you how to heal laceration in Project Zomboid.

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In Project Zomboid, you can heal lacerations with Adhesive Bandages, Bandages, or Ripped Sheets by right-clicking on the wound and selecting “Bandage” => “Bangdage/Adhesive Bandages/Ripped Sheets“. Additionally, you can apply Bootle of Disinfectant to the laceration to reduce the infection chance.

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How to Heal Laceration in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, a laceration is an injury that can be caused by zombies, collisions, tripping, and so on.

Any body part can be lacerated. Typically, the trunk and arms are the most vulnerable parts.

After being lacerated, the first thing to do is find a safe place to hide and treat yourself, as negative moodles caused by lacerations can put you in trouble, especially if the horde is nearby.

First, you must wrap up your lacerated area with Bandage, Adhesive Bandage, or Ripped Sheets.

Press “H” to open the Health window, then right-click on your bleeding area and select “Bandage” => “Bangdage/Adhesive Bandages/Ripped Sheets” to stop bleeding.

Additionally, you can right-click on them in your inventory and select “Apply Bandage” => “<Body Part>”.

Bandages or Adhesive Bandages can be found in first-aid kits or medical cabinets, while you can get Ripped Sheets by tearing off your clothes.

Alternatively, you can find Dirty Bandage or Dirty Rags in trash bins and purify them using one unit of water.

On top of that, you can use a Bottle of Disinfectant to clean your wound in advance, which reduces the chance of infection.

To apply a Bottle of Disinfectant, right-click on the wound and select “Disinfect” => “Bottle of Disinfectant”.

Your panic level reduces as soon as you heal the laceration with the above methods, and your health regenerates again.

Generally, lacerations completely disappear after a few days if treated well, and it takes roughly 1-2 Bandages in that time.

Be Careful with Dirty Bandages

After a time, Bandage, Adhesive Bandage, or Ripped Sheets becomes dirty. Although they still do their jobs to stop bleeding, they have the highest chance of being infected.

In that case, you should clean them by right-clicking on the Dirty Bandages and selecting “Remove Bandage”.

Then right-click on the Dirty Bandages in your inventory and select “Clean Bandage”. This option is only available if you have water on you or stand near any water source.

Or better, you can replace the Dirty Bandages with other Bandages or Ripped Sheets instead of cleaning them.

Besides, staying warm and well-fed in a zombie-free area is advisable while you’re treated. These things don’t directly heal lacerations but eliminate negative moodles and keep your character feeling good.

As mentioned, being lacerated by zombies has a 25% chance of infection, shown in Infected status.

Regardless of what your treatments are, there’s no cure for zombification. In that case, you should check out this post to learn what to do after death.

That’s how to heal laceration in Project Zomboid.

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