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In Project Zomboid, one of the biggest challenges is avoiding infection.

Being infected causes serious consequences. Therefore, it’s crucial to know if you are infected as early as possible so you can take steps to cure and prevent yourself from turning into a zombie.

This article will show you how to know if you are infected and how to cure it (if possible).

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In Project Zomboid, you can check whether you are infected or not by clicking on the heart icon on the upper left side of the screen or pressing “H”. If you have a wound on any part of your body that displays “infected” after getting accidents, such as falling down or getting shots, there is a chance of getting infected if you’re not treated immediately. In addition, being scratched, lacerated, or bitten by zombies can cause zombification, especially a bite from them.

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How to Know If You Are Infected in Project Zomboid

First, you need to check your current health status.

Open The Health Window

Dealing with those deadly zombies is always challenging, and getting bloody afterward is part of the game.

Following that, you must evaluate your condition to provide timely treatment solutions.

Your health is displayed in the health window, which can be seen by clicking on the heart icon on the upper left side of the screen or simply pressing the “H” key.

The purple heart will wiggle if you take damage or begin to lose health. In addition, the panel will also show the health status and the injured body part.

If the health window shows unbandaged or open wounds written in red, there is a potential for infection.

Type of Infection

Many types of injuries can cause an open wound, where it can become infected.

Here are some of them:

  • Deep Wound: occurs when you
    • Smashing windows with bare hands
    • Climbing through a broken window
    • Walking through broken glass without shoes
    • Failing down a level
    • Getting hit with an axe
    • Colliding with terrain or other vehicles while driving at a moderate speed
  • Lodged bullet: getting shot with firearms causes an open wound
  • Scratched: occurs when
    • Smashing a window
    • Failing while sprinting or running
    • Picking up broken glass
    • Colliding with terrain or other vehicles while driving
  • Lacerated: occurs for the same reasons as scratches

Regardless of how it occurs, a wound caused by one of these injuries has a chance of becoming infected.

Above are injuries that happen when you accidentally hit yourself or get damaged by survivors. In Project Zomboid, there’s a high probability of being infected by zombies.

Getting scratched by zombies will cause a 7% chance of zombification.

There is a 25% chance of zombification if zombies cause the laceration.

Ultimately, when zombies bite you, there’s a 100% chance you’ll get infected and become a zombie after death.

Infection Treatment

Unfortunately, there is no cure for the bite.

Your character will subsequently become a zombie, so we recommend checking this guide to avoid wasting your time and resources.

Any wound, except for a bite, can be treated with bandages or ripped sheets.

You can find bandages in a first-aid kit.

A dirty bandage, with the highest possible chance of being infected, can be found in trash bins. You must use a cooking pot or a pan to boil water and clean the dirty bandage.

Ripped sheets, found in many houses’ laundry, are also used to prevent bleeding.

In addition, you can craft ripped sheets from many items, including sheets, vests, skirts, trousers, blouses, and sweaters.

For better prevention, each bandage or ripped sheet should be disinfected with a bottle of disinfectant – a first-aid item found in a medical cabinet.

To use the item, press “I” to open the inventory, select Ripped Sheets or Bandages, select “Apply Bandage”, then choose the injured body part.

You can also apply the treatment using the health menu (H) for quick access.

In addition, the symptoms of Hyperthermia, Sick, and Stress may indicate that you are capable of infection or illness.

However, if you don’t get any injuries in advance, you don’t have to worry since these are just symptoms of illness.

That’s how to know if you are infected in Project Zomboid.

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