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Panic plays a vital role in survival in Project Zomboid.

It is one of the negative moodles and may work against you. So, knowing how it affects you is critical to surviving in a zombie-infested world.

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So what does panic do in Project Zomboid? How to get rid of panic? Let this article answer these questions!

Panic in Project Zomboid is the fear caused by the presence of zombies or nightmares. Panic narrows your vision cone, reduces weapon damage and critical chance, and decreases knockout chance and knockback when fighting zombies.

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What Does Panic Do in Project Zomboid

As mentioned above, panic narrows your vision cone, reduces weapon damage, critical chance, knockout chance, and knockback.

There are four levels of panic in Project Zomboid.

  • Slight Panic: decreases your critical chance by 1.3%.
  • Panic:
    • Decreases your critical chance by 2.6%.
    • Melee weapons’ damage reduces by 10%.
  • Strong Panic:
    • Decreases your critical chance by 3.9%.
    • Melee weapons’ damage reduces by 20%.
    • Guns’ damage reduces by 40%. At Aiming 6, this penalty is removed.
    • You will be able to stand up more quickly.
  • Extreme Panic:
    • Decreases your critical chance by 5.2%.
    • Melee weapons’ damage reduces by 30%.
    • Guns’ damage reduces by 60%. At Aiming 6, this penalty is removed.
    • You will be able to stand up more quickly.
    • Your vision will become narrower.

You can check your panic state by hovering your mouse on the Panic icon in the top right corner.

What Causes Panic in Project Zomboid

There are two causes of panic in Project Zomboid: the presence of zombies nearby and a nightmare.

Panic depends on the zombie quantity, but it also depends strongly on the distance between you and them, their sound, and their aggression.

The closer the space, the more panic you’ll feel.

These circumstances are pretty common in your early game, especially when you suddenly see zombies behind you or when they are in the dark and notice you.

The other factor is the nightmare.

Although there is only a base probability of 5% of having a nightmare, the percentage will rise if your stress levels accumulate.

Therefore, determining where to have a good sleep is quite important, for example, sleeping in a car.

Houses and bases improve sleep quality and reduce the chance of nightmares. So it’s better to set up a proper base.

How To Cure Panic in Project Zomboid

There are multiple ways to get rid of panic.

1. Choosing a Veteran Occupation

Becoming a Veteran in your early game might be the best solution for being panic-free, as you’ll no longer feel panic.

However, you’ll lose 8 points for picking the Veteran class, and the saying indicates that it is a waste of points.

So, consider it wisely because panic is less likely to happen when you survive longer in the game.

2. Use Beta Blockers/Alcohol

Beta Blockers are quick, temporary, and straightforward solutions before panic kicks in.

Their ten-unit capacity allows you to calm down multiple times when dealing with zombies.

You can find Beta Blockers in medicine cabinets and pharmacies.

In addition, having a high quality of sleep reduces panic stages significantly. When you suffer from a high level of panic, we’d recommend finding a safe place to hide and sleep if possible.

3. Stay Alive in The Game as Long as Possible

Time passes, and you will then adapt to the zombie threats. Your likelihood of experiencing panic will decrease.

With each day that passes, your ability to recover from the panic will improve up to a maximum of 150 days.

What Traits Affect Panic in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, both negative and positive traits can increase or decrease the level of panic.

Positive Traits

  • Adrenaline Junkie: This trait adds 20 to 25% to your base speed when in strong or extreme panic stages. It helps you run away effectively from a group of zombies.
  • Brave: Bravery prevents you from likely becoming panicked. However, bravery is useless with night terrors and phobias.
  • Desensitized: You can get this trait by choosing the Veteran occupation. This ensures that you will not experience any stage of panic except night terrors.

Negative Traits

  • Cowardly: As the name suggests, becoming a coward will make you feel panic easier, even in normal circumstances. The panic level will increase by 200%, except for night terrors and phobias.
  • Agoraphobic: This trait increases the level of panic when you’re outside foraging or finding materials. The level of panic will reduce when you get back home, base, or in a vehicle.
  • Claustrophobic: The opposite of being agoraphobic is being claustrophobic. With the Claustrophobia trait, you will become more panicky inside houses.
  • Fear of Blood: If you use the first-aid kit to heal yourself or get blood on your clothes, your panic level will increase.

So, before you start a new world, consider picking those traits to avoid panic in Project Zomboid.

That’s what panic does in Project Zomboid.

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