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Blood can be a common sight in the apocalyptic world of Project Zomboid, especially after a brutal encounter with the undead.

However, leaving blood on your clothes, floors, and cars can be a big mess. Thus, knowing how to clean up blood is essential for survivors looking to keep their surroundings safe and hygienic.

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This post will show you how to clean blood in Project Zomboid, whether on your clothes, floors, cars, or walls.

In Project Zomboid, you need water to clean the blood on your clothes. Then, right-click on the water source and select “Wash” => “Wash Clothing”. You can wash individual cloth if the water supply isn’t enough. In addition, using soap can speed up the process a bit.

To clean the blood on walls and floors, collect a bottle of bleach and a mop, a broom, or towels. Next, locate the dirty area, right-click on it, select “Clean Blood”, and then choose the bloody tile.

The fastest way to clean the blood off your cars is to leave them outside when it’s raining.

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How to Clean Blood in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, cleaning blood is an action to prevent an open wound from being infected or to tidy your floors and walls.

After encountering zombies, the chances of bleeding are pretty high. It could lead to zombification, even if it’s a scratch or a bite. The aftermath is a blood-stained mess on your clothes, vehicles, and floors.

Covering a wound with bloody or dirty clothes increases the chance of infection. On the other hand, while leaving blood on floors, walls, and cars may not have any negative consequences, it will ruin the appearance of your home and vehicles.

Indeed, cleaning blood is a small thing that can bring significant benefits.

Prepare Necessary Items

First, you need to gather water and soap or cleaning liquid (optional) to get rid of the blood on your clothes.

Water is standard in Project Zomboid. You can get water from faucets, sinks when you’re inside, or lakes and rivers if you’re outside.

Soap is used to clean the dirt on your clothes faster. You can find it in bathrooms or medical cabinets.

A combination of bleach and a mop or broom is required to clean your floors or walls. In addition, you can also use a dish towel or bath towel.

A bottle of bleach can be found in medical cabinets in kitchens or bathrooms. In addition, search carefully at the kitchen counters to obtain the mop.

Broom is an alternative in case you can’t find any mops. Besides a cleaning tool, you can improvise a broom as a weapon, although you’re obviously disappointed with its low damage.

A broom is commonly found in the kitchen, next to the refrigerator. There’s also a chance to obtain the broom in the general stores.

If it’s too hard to find the broom and the mop, a dish towel and bath towel are substitutes. Once again, they are located in kitchens, restaurants, and stores.

Kitchen encounters are where you can get cleaning liquid, another miscellaneous item used to clean your outfit.

To clean your cars, you just place them outside when it’s raining. Furthermore, you can use a towel to wash your vehicle.

How to Clean Blood On Clothes

Here’s how to wash your clothes in Project Zomboid:

  1. Find the water source.
  2. Ensure the water source contains at least 3 units of water. Having soap or a cleaning liquid in your inventory would be best.
  3. Right-click on the water source and select “Wash”. You can either wash all clothing or wash each part of it.
  4. Wait for the process to occur.

You can use cleaning liquid instead of soap to clean your clothes. If you run out of soap, you can clean without it, but the process is slower.

How to Clean Blood On Floors and Walls

Compared to clothes, floors and walls take more items and time to wash. Here are the steps:

  1. Locate the bloody areas.
  2. Ensure you’ve got a bottle of bleach, either the mop, the broom, or the towel in your inventory. Otherwise, the option “Clean Blood” won’t appear.
  3. Right-click on the dirty area, select “Clean Blood”, then select the tile.
  4. Your character will then do the cleaning. Once finished, right-click to end the process.

Keep in mind that all cleaning tools, except for bleach, are unlimited in durability, meaning that once you find them, you can use them indefinitely.

How to Clean Blood On Cars

The car cleaning process requires water and towel in your inventory.

You can clean your cars the same way you clean your floors. However, let the rain do the job to avoid wasting your time.

That’s how to clean blood in Project Zomboid!

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