RAID: Shadow Legends Bans Top Creator From Their Test Server

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Top Raid: Shadow Legends creator, Hell Hades, was banned from their test server for violating two rules. The test server ban doesn’t seem to be permanent but does prevent his access to this release and the next test server release.

Raid: Shadow Legends test server functions as a preview for creators to get their content ready and not for actual game testing. The decision to ban Hell Hades will have far-reaching consequences for the community as a whole.

First Rule Broken

A little backstory to get the full context of the situation.

Hell Hades’ website currently gets 5.5 million views a month. This is more than the combined total of all other YouTube Raid: Shadow Legends creators. To say his community is massive would be an understatement. The test server allows his team to get all the information they need to have guides, tips, tricks, and news ready for the eventual launch.

You should also know that two members of HH Gaming, started their own YouTube channel called the HH Game Network. This channel has over 11,000 subscribers, more than the 8,000 required to be a tier 3 member of the Content Creator Program. Regardless of subscriber count, these two members are not allowed to join the program because of their association with him.

While on Holiday, a major update to Raid: Shadow Legends was released for the test server. Knowing how big the update was for the community, he let someone else from his HH Gaming team, Saphyra, log into his account. This wasn’t just anyone, but a member of the HH Game Network YouTube channel.

Hell Hades understood that he was breaking a program rule. He stated that he didn’t want the Raid: Shadow Legends community to miss out on the latest information.

Second Rule Broken

The second strike against Hell Hades happened when he shared official stats on the Iron Twins Boss. He did wait for the embargo to lift but didn’t realize that sharing the specific stats was a violation of the game developer, Plarium’s terms.

Hell Hades said that the stats were readily available to anyone with access to the test server. He didn’t snoop around or look through code to find it.

What it Means for the Raid: Shadow Legends Community

With Hell Hades banned from the test server, he will not be able to provide information about the latest updates as it goes into production. He and his team now have to wait until the official launch before they can check out the updates and create content around it.

Plarium did contact Hell Hades. They explained that this ban didn’t have to happen if he had come to them beforehand. Hell Hades argues that Plarium could have come to him before they banned him.

Hell Hades returned from a six-week break from streaming and hasn’t decided if he will continue streaming Raid. His team will still provide content around the game but is bitter about the situation.

The result of all this is far-reaching for the Raid: Shadow Legends community. They will miss out on the latest test server information and all the release day content provided by the HH Gaming website.

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