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Everyone active in the live streaming world is surely aware of the latest dissatisfaction shown by Tyler “Trainwrecks” Niknam towards the video game streaming platform Twitch.

Now, the whole saga seems to take another step, as Trainwrecks introduced a “better alternative to streamers” known as

This is a new live-streaming platform that seems to take the market by storm thanks to its unique approach to revenue sharing with all content creators. aims to offer unique benefits to everyone active in the live-streaming world, so let’s see what the fuss is all about.

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Why is Niknam Leaving Twitch?

There are a couple of reasons why Trainwrecks decided to go against Twitch. The first one is connected to the new gambling-related prohibitions introduced by the streaming platform just in September 2022. Under those, streaming online casino games is no longer allowed on the platform.

This was a major blow to streamers who knew how popular streaming casino gaming became. Plenty of non-streamers were also enraged by this, as they liked the idea of watching their favourite streamers place big money bets on casino games.

Twitch explains that this move is to make sure that players are protected against problem gambling, but Niknam is not quite sure. He says that the fact he signed a big gambling contract is the main reason why Twitch goes after him with the new regulation.

Niknam was not the only one surprised at Twitch’s new policy. The general public was caught equally off-guard. Everyone seems to make the same point – Twitch didn’t pay too much attention to gambling in recent years, so why the change now?

Now, moving on to the second reason why Trainwrecks decided to go against Twitch. At the end of the day, it all comes down to money, and according to Niknam, live streamers on Twitch suffer big pay cuts.

He is asking one simple question – Twitch has record viewership, sponsorships and profitability, so why streamers don’t get a bigger piece of the cake? This fact has been the topic of discussion for many years and lead to a large controversy in the world of streaming.

Twitch has a revenue split of 50-50, which is significantly lower than other platforms, such as YouTube, which has a 70-30 revenue split. Moreover, there are no marketing activities in place to help live streamers promote themselves, so it is difficult for them to succeed on the platform.

Another platform – Facebook Gaming has built-in outreach and additional promotional features that make it arguably the most accessible medium to share content.

Twitch seems like the worst live-streaming platform in Niknam’s eyes, but yet, it is the most profitable one. Hence, he believes it is only a matter of time before a new platform takes over.

What are the New Features of

All recent developments led to Niknam issuing a long statement on Twitlonger explaining what novelties would bring.

So, some of the benefits that looks to introduce are:

  • 95-5 revenue split
  • Live streamers will get to keep 100% of all donations
  • Same-day withdrawals
  • No unexplained bans, which is often the practice on Twitch
  • Allowing ethical gambling is just one part of the new and better Terms of Service
  • Live streamers will get a steady income based on how watched they are

Finally, Niknam finishes his statement by saying that people need to be patient with Kick. The platform is still in its early stages, so bugs and issues are normal at this stage.

The website should come out in its full version in the coming weeks. It is still early days, but the signs look more than promising right now, and time will tell whether will live up to its expectations.

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