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Multi-Battle is a smart feature in RAID: Shadow Legends that allows you to play the same stage over and over again automatically.

You can use this feature to train champions, farm items from Dungeons, and more.

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The feature is especially useful when playing RAID: Shadow Legends on PC, as you can leave the game running in the background farming for you while you do something else.

Every day your number of Multi-Battle attempts reset back to at least 30, but if you want more, there are two things you can do.

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To get more Multi-Battle attempts in RAID: Shadow Legends, you can purchase a Raid Card or a pack that contains Multi-Battle attempts.

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Raid Cards

Purchasing Raid Cards is one of the ways to get more Multi-Battle attempts in RAID: Shadow Legends.

A Raid Card gives both more XP and Silver from stages, but also 70 extra Multi-Battle attempts at each reset, which means daily.

You cannot purchase Raid Cards when playing the game on the desktop client.

So, if you wish to purchase a Raid Card and play on the PC, open up the game on a mobile device, log into your account, and purchase a Raid Card.

The Raid Card is bound to your account, which means you’ll enjoy all the benefits on the PC as well.

You can purchase either a Silver Raid Card that lasts one month or a Gold Raid Card that lasts for six months.

They both give the same benefits, but purchasing the Gold Raid Card comes at a discount.

Buy packs

Some of the packs that you can purchase in the game contain a specific number of Multi-Battle attempts.

Other packs that contain Multi-Battle attempts do not give all of them instantly and will instead give you a specific number each day for a specified number of days.

You can see the exact details of how many Multi-Battle attempts a pack gives and when it gives them in the offer itself.

Usually, there is one pack for sale in the Shop that contains Multi-Battle attempts.

However, we’ve also seen various other packs that contain Multi-Battle attempts that are only for sale upon pop-up, known as a pop-up pack.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a pack in the game, a pack with Multi-Battle attempts might not be the best choice.

Learn more in our guide on the best packs to purchase in RAID: Shadow Legends.

Wait for reset

If you don’t wish to purchase a Raid Card or a pack that contains Multi-Battle attempts, there is only one thing you can do.

Wait for the next reset.

Every single reset, which happens once a day, you get up to 30 Multi-Battle attempts if you have no other boosts that give you a higher number of attempts per day.

So, if you’ve run out, just wait till the next day, and you’ll have at least 30 attempts again.

If you already have the number of multi-battle attempts you get per reset at the time of a reset, you do not get additional multi-battle attempts.

If you have more multi-battle attempts than your daily reset amount, like from events, etc., you do not lose the additional attempts you already have. You just don’t get any more at reset until you’ve exhausted them down under your daily reset amount.

If you can’t wait, a Raid Card or a pack is your only choice.

That’s how to get more Multi-Battle attempts in RAID: Shadow Legends!

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