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There are many things your pawns are going to need to survive on the hostile planet they landed on in RimWorld.

However, you have reached a point in the game where nothing short of a mortar can stop the annoying invaders.

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But, to build this amazing weapon of destruction, you first need to get your hands on a Reinforced Barrel, which cannot be crafted.

Well, here is how you can get your hand on a Reinforced Barrel (or more) to build a mortar and defend your RimWorld base from those nasty raiders.

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Get a Reinforced Barrel in RimWorld

A mortar is one of the best defense weapons your pawns can use to defeat the occasional invaders. However, you will need one Reinforced Barrel for each mortar you build in RimWorld.

A mortar may fire up to 20 rounds before needing to be reloaded with another Reinforced Barrel. They are used up immediately every time you reload the machine.

This resource exists only to stop the progression of players since the description of the item says that it “cannot be manufactured at a small scale.”

This just means that even though you can build spaceships with ease, you cannot make this barrel for the mortar.

To get the Reinforced Barrel in RimWorld, you will either have to trade, raid, or finish quests.

Trade is the best and easiest way to get the Reinforced Barrel in RimWorld. You will either have to trade with a tradeship or with Outlanders.

You can even send a caravan to an Outlander settlement and try to bargain for some Reinforced Barrels there. Traders should usually have around one to four barrels each.

The other way to get the barrels would be through violence. In the later dates of the game, raiders might assault you with mortars during a siege. This is when you can easily get your hands on a Reinforced Barrel or two.

Another aggressive way of getting a Reinforced Barrel would be to raid hostile faction bases and loot their mortars for the resource.

This is a decent way of getting the item. However, it can be extremely dangerous if your tech isn’t up to par with your enemies.

The last way you could get the Reinforced Barrel is by completing a random quest that will reward you with it. This is not a surefire way of getting it, but it is good to know that occasionally you could get your hands on the item through quests.

How to Make a Mortar without the Reinforced Barrel

If you don’t want to put in the effort to get the Reinforced Barrel for your RimWorld mortar, you should just change one little thing in settings.

Here is how to remove the Reinforced Barrel from the game:

  1. Open Options and then Storyteller settings.
  2. There’s a button at the very bottom that says “Custom…” Click it.
  3. “General” is listed on the right side, followed by “Player Tools” below it. The very last option under “Player tools” is labeled “Classic Mortars” and is by default marked with a red X. Click the X and turn it into a green check mark.
  4. Save the game, exit, and reload.

Now, you can continue your game and build a mortar without having to get the progress-blocking resource which is the Reinforced Barrel.

That’s everything you need to know about where to get a Reinforced Barrel in RimWorld!

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