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The most common type of walls that you will find in Rust are Stone Walls. Everyone will use them since they are relatively easy to make and are very sturdy. Most new players won’t be able to get inside your base if you have these guys up.

However, they are still relatively easy to destroy compared to their Sheet Metal and Armored counterparts. If you use the right weapon, you should be able to get through a Stone Wall in less than 15 seconds.

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Unfortunately, those types of weapons are usually expensive, especially if they are explosives, and can take a lot of farming time.

The easiest way to break Stone Walls in Rust is to use Timed Explosive Charges (C4). The C4s are extremely powerful, and they will destroy the Stone Walls in around 11 seconds.

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Rust Stone Walls General Stats

The Stone Wall is the 3rd most powerful wall type in Rust, and they are very sturdy. Most early to mid-game players will have a hard time getting through one of these.

A Stone Wall has 500 HP, and it isn’t susceptible to fire, making weapons like the Fire Arrow and the Molotov Cocktails useless.

The hard side of a Stone Wall looks like a brick wall, while the soft side looks like it is very smooth and it is almost all white.

Usually, if you have to face the hard side of a Stone Wall, you should usually use explosives, as that is the fastest and least time-consuming way to get in. If you are facing a soft side Stone Wall, you can actually consider using melee weapons and tools to break it.

Easiest Way to Break Stone Walls in Rust

The easiest and fastest way to break Stone Walls in Rust is with C4. You need exactly 2 C4 charges to break down a Stone Wall and get inside a base.

Since the C4 deals around 275 damage to the wall, there isn’t really an amazing combination that you can use to save C4.

If you quickly throw 2 C4s on a Stone Wall, in exactly 10 seconds after the second one lands on the wall, everything will explode, and the wall will break down.

C4s are also the least expensive way to destroy Stone Walls in Rust, as you only need 4,400 Sulfur to make 2 of them.

However, if you were to face the soft side of a Stone Wall, then you would have some other choices that might be better.

With a single Jackhammer and a Workbench, you can break down Stone Wall from the soft side in around 2 minutes.

You won’t even need any resources if you already have a Jackhammer, as you can refill it for free at the Workbench.

Otherwise, if you want to go full medieval, you can use the Pickaxe, as you can craft it using a level 1 Workbench, and it only takes 7 Pickaxes and around 11 minutes to break Stone Walls from the soft side in Rust.

That’s everything you need to know about the easiest way to break Stone Walls in Rust!

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