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The Timed Explosive Charge, also commonly known as the C4, is the most powerful explosive in Rust. There is no wall, door, or structure that can stand this weapon’s explosive power.

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to make, as you will need a lot of Sulfur just to make a single C4. Just to even think about making this explosive, you will first have to build a level 3 Workbench in your base.

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Since C4 is so expensive, you need to properly count how many you have to use to bring down any walls or doors that stand in your way.

There are 3 types of doors that are most common in Rust, the Wood, Garage, and Sheet Metal Doors, and we will tell you exactly how many C4 you need to destroy each one of them.

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How Many C4 to Destroy a Wooden Door in Rust

The Wooden Door is one of the weakest possible structures for a base in Rust. The C4 shouldn’t be used on this door, as there are many other possible weapons that you can use to get through it. However, we will still tell you what you want to know.

A Wooden Door has 200 HP. With a single C4 charge, players can instantly destroy the Wooden Door and get inside their enemy’s base.

To craft a C4, you will need Explosives x20, Cloth x5, and Tech Trash x2. That amount of Explosives translates to 2,200 Sulfur and 200 Metal Fragments.

If you really want to get through a Wooden Door fast, you should either use two Molotov Cocktails or two Satchel Charges. Even a single Rocket would be less expensive to destroy a Wooden Door.

Though the C4 isn’t the best choice to get through a Wooden Door, it will be a very good choice for the Sheet Metal Door.

How Many C4 to Destroy a Sheet Metal Door in Rust

The C4 is the best explosive to use against the Sheet Metal Door. It is the fastest possible weapon you can use against it and incredibly cheap, considering the amount of time saved.

The Sheet Metal Door is very hard to get through, as it has 250 HP. Though it has the same amount of HP as the Wooden Door, it is much more resistant, and it takes less damage than that door.

To destroy a Sheet Metal Door in Rust, you only need to use one single C4 bomb. The door will instantly be blown to bits, allowing you inside the base. Considering it takes 10 seconds for a C4 to explode, this is the fastest you can get through a Sheet Metal Door in Rust.

To craft the C4, you will need the same 20 Explosives that we talked about earlier. This means you will need 2,200 Sulfur to take down a Sheet Metal Door.

The closest you can get efficiency and cost-wise with another explosive might be the Satchel Charge. Though you have to use more, if they all explode, you can destroy the Sheet Metal Door in around 15 seconds and use only 1,920 Sulfur.

How Many C4 to Destroy a Garage Door in Rust

The Garage Door is the closest thing you will get to Armored Doors with a level 2 Workbench, as it is extremely sturdy. This bug metal door will have 600 HP and resist as well as a Sheet Metal Door against attacks.

A single C4 charge will take 440 HP from the Garage Door. This means that you will need 2 C4 bombs to destroy a Garage Door in Rust. Still, considering the amount of damage you just dealt, it might be better to only use a single C4 and then destroy the remaining 160 HP using a different weapon.

A single Explosive 5.56 Rifle Ammo bullet deals 4 HP damage to the Garage Door. This means that you can get most of the health of the door using one C4 and then finish it off using 40 explosive rounds.

The cost for 2 C4 bombs would be Explosives x40, Cloth x10, and Tech Trash x4. This means that you will need at least 4,400 raw Sulfur to make all you need to destroy a Garage Door with C4.

Table With How Many C4 are Needed to Destroy All Tier 1 and 2 Doors

To make things easier the next time you need to check out how many C4 bombs you need to destroy the Wood, Sheet Metal, and Garage Doors in Rust, here is a table with all the necessary information:

DoorNeeded C4HP Taken Per C4Best CombinationSulfur Cost
Wooden Door1AllC4 x12,200
Sheet Metal Door1AllC4 x12,200
Garage Door2440C4 x1, Explosive Rifle Ammo x404,200

That’s everything you need to know about how many C4 bombs you need to destroy Wood, Garage, and Sheet Metal Doors in Rust!

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