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Vehicles in Rust are really fun since you can basically make them from scratch to look exactly how you want them to. Not only do you have an endless collection of cars, but you can also get snowmobiles, boats, submarines, and helicopters.

There are two types of helicopters in Rust that players can use, the Minicopter and the Scrap Transport Helicopter. The Minicopter is a simple car with rotary wings on top that can hold two players inside, while the Scrap Transport Helicopter actually looks and works like a real helicopter, but it feels like it could break down at any time.

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If you want to actually attack Monuments and bases like a true Rust veteran, then you will need to get the Scrap Transport Helicopter, as it will allow you to carry a lot of players in the back. You can also drop it onto Windmills and other structures on the higher levels of a base to instantly destroy them.

To get a Scrap Transport Helicopter in Rust, you will need to head over to the Bandit Camp and pay Scrap x1250 to the Airwolf Vendor. You can’t find any Helicopters while exploring to use.

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How to Get a Helicopter in Rust

The only way players can get a Helicopter in Rust is to pay 1250 Scrap at the Airwolf Vendor in the Bandit Camp. There is no other way to get a Scrap Transport Helicopter in Rust.

There is also no way to get inside the Patrol Helicopter that you might occasionally fight.

One of the worst things about the SCH is that it is incredibly hard to fly. If you are going to buy it, make sure that you have mastered flying the Minicopter, as that one is much easier to maneuver.

You can also buy the Minicopter from the same NPC, the Airwolf Vendor.

To fly the Scrap Transport Helicopter in Rust you will need a lot of Low Grade Fuel. It uses around 1.8k Low Grade Fuel per hour, which is a huge amount for any kind of vehicle.

Due to this huge Low Grade Fuel requirement, you might only want to use it for specific missions rather than to patrol or fly around.

This Helicopter works in a similar manner to the Patrol Heli, as you can scavenge it for resources if you find it crashed on the land for thousands of Charcoal and Metal Fragments.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get a Helicopter in Rust!

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