Rust – How to Get Blood: Does It Still Exist?

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Rust has a really long collection of items that you can find and use. However, there are also many that you have only seen once or twice and have never figured out how to get.

Exactly as you’ve seen players using Ninja Suits, which are almost impossible to get, you’ve also probably seen players selling extremely high quality items in exchange for Blood.

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The exclusive and interesting Blood Bags cannot be obtained under normal circumstances, as they have been out of the game for many years.

The only way you can get Blood in Rust is to use admin commands and spawn the item using the console. Blood has absolutely no use in the game, and it has been removed a long time ago.

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What Are Blood Bags in Rust?

Back in 2014, Blood Bags in Rust were used to create Medkits. Players could find these Blood Packs either as loot in various crates or boxes or they could use Blood Draw Kit to lose HP and get the item in return.

The Blood system was abused by many players, and it was used in various ways that weren’t intended until Facepunch just decided to remove the item from the game.

At the moment, even if you managed to get your hands on the Blood item somehow, you would have nothing that you could do with it.

Still, the item still exists in the admin database, and it can be easily accessed if you can use the console.

How to Get Blood in Rust

To get Blood in Rust, you just have to press F1, right-click on the Items tab in the upper right corner of the screen, write Blood in the Search bar, and spawn the item by pressing ARM while hovering over it.

Players can only get the Blood item in Rust if they have admin access to the console.

If you ever play Rust and see that some players are selling items for Blood, you can tell they have admin privileges.

Usually, these admins will just want to show how many rockets or explosives they have to the other players on the server. Since there is no way for anyone to actually get them, they are not actually selling anything.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Blood in Rust!

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