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Personal style is very important in Stardew Valley. Though almost no one will ever talk to you about your fashion sense in Pelican Town, many players like to show their incredible choice of clothing when posting pictures of their farm online.

One very important part of looking your best in Stardew Valley is to choose which colors you want your clothes to have. If you just get basic clothes with their default colors, you are nothing more than the boring city person who just moved to Pelican Town.

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However, if you know how to dye your clothes and even make new ones, you will fit right in with the eccentric community of Pelican Town NPCs and Stardew Valley fans around the world.

To dye your clothes in Stardew Valley, you will either need to use the Dye Pots or the Sewing Machine, which are both available in Emily’s house after getting your first piece of Cloth.

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How to Dye Clothes in Stardew Valley

To dye clothes in Stardew Valley, you will need to use one of two items:

  • Dye Pots
  • Sewing Machine

Both of them are available to use inside Emily and Haley’s house, the one with a little sun over the door, in the southwestern part of Pelican Town once you pick up your first ever Cloth.

Emily will come over the next day and tell you about the machines waiting inside her house.

If you go inside their house, you will see a room in the southern part of the house that has a Sewing Machine to the left and Dye Pots to the right.

How to Use the Dye Pots

If you interact with the Dye Pots, you will open a menu where you will see six differently colored pots and your inventory.

To dye clothes in Stardew Valley using the Dye Pots, you will need at least one item to put inside all of the colored pots.

Once you put an item in all of the pots, you can instantly change the color of any piece of clothing that you are wearing at the moment of the interaction.

You can only use items with the same color as the pots to fill them. For example, the red pot could use an Apple, and the yellow pot could use a Dandelion.

This means that you need 6 different items, which represent the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

To make your task easier, here is a table with all the items that you can use with the Dye Pots, along with the color they represent.

Make sure to bring one for each color when you want to use the Dye Pots to dye clothes in Stardew Valley:

AppleAcornAnglerAlgae SoupAeriniteAmaranth
BaitAged RoeBaked FishArtichokeAlbacoreAmethyst
BaryteApricotBananaBean HotpotAnchovyAmethyst Ring
BouquetAutumn’s BountyBanana PuddingBok ChoyAncient DollAncient Drum
BruschettaBasic FertilizerBeerBurglar’s RingAncient FruitBeet
Bug SteakBasic Retaining SoilBlobfishCactus FruitAquamarineBug Meat
CherryBreadBone FluteColeslawAquamarine RingCrocus
Cherry BombBullheadBone FragmentDinosaur EggBattery PackEggplant
CoralCarp SurpriseCalciteDuck FeatherBlackberryFairy Stone
CrabCave CarrotCarpDwarf Scroll IIBlackberry CobblerFire Opal
CranberriesChanterelleCheeseEmeraldBlue DiscusFluorapatite
Cranberry CandyChewing StickChicken StatueEmerald RingBlue JazzGrape
Cranberry SauceChipped AmphoraComplete BreakfastEsperiteBlue Slime EggImmunity Band
CrimsonfishChocolate CakeCornFiberBlueberryIridium Band
DolomiteCinder ShardDaffodilFiddlehead FernBlueberry TartIridium Bar
Dwarf Scroll IClayDandelionFiddlehead RisottoBreamIridium Ore
Eggplant ParmesanCoconutDish O’ The SeaGinger AleBroken CDLife Elixir
Energy TonicCoffeeDried StarfishGreen AlgaeBroken GlassesMidnight Carp
Explosive AmmoCoffee BeanDwarf Scroll IVGreen BeanClamMonster Musk
Fairy RoseCommon MushroomElvish JewelryGreen Slime EggCrystal FruitPomegranate
Fire QuartzCookieFish TacoGreen TeaDwarf Scroll IIIPoppyseed Muffin
HelviteCopper BarFossilized RibsHopsFrozen GeodePurple Mushroom
HollyCopper OreFossilized LegJadeFrozen TearPurple Slime Egg
Hot PepperCrab CakesFossilized SkullJade RingGlacierfishRed Cabbage
JasperCrab PotFossilized SpineJamboriteGlacierfish Jr.Refined Quartz
JellyCrabshell RingFossilized TailJuiceGlass ShardsSea Urchin
Lava EelCrispy BassFried CalamariKaleHerringSuper Cucumber
LobsterDeluxe Speed-GroFried EelLargemouth BassIce PipSweet Pea
Magma GeodeDoradoFruit SaladLegendJoja ColaThunder Egg
Mega BombDragon ToothGingerLegend IIKyaniteVoid Essence
MelonDriftwoodGlow RingMalachiteMidnight SquidVoid Salmon
Miner’s TreatDwarvish HelmGlowstone RingMutant CarpOpalWedding Ring
Ms. AnglerEarth CrystalGoat CheeseOak ResinPeriwinkleWild Plum
Mushroom Tree SeedEelGold BarOcean StoneQi BeanWine
NekoiteFarmer’s LunchGold OreOil of GarlicQi Fruit
PeachField SnackGolden CoconutPetrified SlimeSardine
Pink CakeFlounderGolden MaskPicklesSeafoam Pudding
PizzaFried MushroomGolden PumpkinRadioactive BarSpook Fish
PoiGeodeGolden RelicRadioactive CarpSturdy Ring
RadishGlazed YamsHayRadioactive OreSturgeon
Radish SaladHardwoodHoneySaladTuna
Red MulletHashbrownsHot Java RingSeaweed
Red MushroomHazelnutJagoiteShad
Red PlateHematiteLucky LunchSlime Charmer Ring
Red Slime EggJack-O-LanternLucky RingSlimejack
Red SnapperLemon StoneMangoSoul Sapper Ring
RhubarbLingcodMango Sticky RiceStrange Doll (green)
Rhubarb PieLionfishMeadSuper Meal
RubyMagma CapMummified BatTea Leaves
Ruby RingMahogany SeedMummified FrogVegetable Medley
SalmonMaple BarMuscle Remedy
Salmon DinnerMaple SeedOil
SalmonberryMaple SyrupPale Ale
ShrimpMudstoneParsnip Soup
Shrimp CocktailNapalm RingPerch
Son of CrimsonfishNautilus ShellPhoenix Ring
Spicy EelOrangePineapple
Star ShardsOrpimentPufferfish
Strange BunPancakesPyrite
StrawberryPepper PoppersRabbit’s Foot
Sweet Gem BerryPine ConeRing of Yoba
TomatoPine TarSandfish
TulipPlum PuddingSandstone
Vampire RingPoppySap
Void MayonnaisePotatoSavage Ring
PumpkinSea Cucumber
Pumpkin PieSmall Glow Ring
Pumpkin SoupSnail
Quality FertilizerSnake Skull
Quality Retaining SoilSnake Vertebrae
Rain TotemSolar Essence
Rainbow TroutStarfruit
Roasted HazelnutsStrange Doll (yellow)
RoeSummer Spangle
Roots PlatterSunflower
Rotten PlantThorns Ring
Rusty CogTopaz
Rusty SpurTorch
Scorpion CarpTreasure Chest
Smallmouth BassTruffle Oil
Spice BerryWarrior Ring
Stir Fry
Survival Burger
Taro Root
Tiger Slime Egg
Tiger Trout
Topaz Ring
Tree Fertilizer
Triple Shot Espresso
Tropical Curry
Trout Soup
Unmilled Rice
Warp Totem: Beach
Warp Totem: Desert
Warp Totem: Farm
Warp Totem: Island
Warp Totem: Mountains
Wild Horseradish
Winter Root

How to Use the Sewing Machine

When you interact with the Sewing Machine in Emily’s house (and also the one you can get later in the game), you will open a menu that shows you a sewing machine and your inventory.

You will have two slots where you can insert items.

One is the feed, which is in the bottom left part of the sewing machine, where you can either insert a piece of Cloth or a piece of clothing you want to dye in Stardew Valley.

In the upper corner, in the spool, you can insert materials you want to use for the process. For dying, you will need to place an item with the color you want in the spool.

Depending on the strength of the material, the clothing will change colors a bit to match the material.

All materials have a strength when it comes to color that ranges from 25 to 100%. If you use a weak material with 25% strength, then your clothing will only change its color a bit to match the color of the material.

If the material is strong, with 100% strength, it will instantly change the color of the item to the color of the material.

You can also use weak materials 4 times if you want to fully dye a piece of clothing to the color of that material.

Though the Sewing Machine can be used to get interesting combinations between the color of the clothing and the material, it is much more inefficient than the Dye Pots.

However, because it only requires one material, it is much easier to use.

That’s everything you need to know about how to dye clothes in Stardew Valley!

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