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Coal is probably the most important low-tier resource in Stardew Valley since you will need it until the end of the game. Resources such as Wood and Stone slowly lose their value over time, but you will always need Coal.

Unfortunately, there are no special Coal nodes that you can farm day and night to get this vital resource any time you want. Players that want to get Coal in Stardew Valley will have to improvise a bit.

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There are quite a few methods to get Coal in the game, some being more efficient than others. In this guide, we will tell you which Coal-gathering methods are the best for getting a huge amount in a short time.

To get Coal in Stardew Valley, players can either mine rocks in hopes of getting their desired resource, farm Dust Sprites in the Mines, purchase it, or use the Charcoal Kiln to turn Wood into Coal.

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How to Get Coal in Stardew Valley

There are a lot of ways you can get Coal in Stardew Valley, so we will only present the options that are actually viable and time-effective.

Here is how to get Coal in Stardew Valley:

  • Mine rocks and ore nodes
  • Defeat and farm Dust Sprites
  • Turn Wood into Coal at the Charcoal Kiln
  • Purchase it


The most common method to get Coal in Stardew Valley is to mine rocks in the Mines.

This has a relatively decent chance of getting you Coal, and players will usually realize they collected a decent amount just by exploring the Mines and breaking rocks and ore nodes all over the place.

Here are the exact percentages so you can understand your chance of getting Coal by breaking rocks in Stardew Valley:

  • Standard Rocks – 4.25% chance of dropping Coal
  • Gray Stone Rocks – 8% chance of dropping Coal
  • Standard Rocks in Mines (if Ore is dropped first) – 25% chance of also dropping Coal

The chance for standard rocks to drop Coal is also influenced by your daily luck, Mining level, and Luck.

So, if your goal is to get a lot of Coal and want to go to the Mines to get it from rocks, check the Fortune Teller to see your daily luck first and make sure to eat something that increases Luck.

The chance for rocks to drop Coal is also doubled by the Prospector profession, but it is usually such a small difference that you won’t feel it.

For standard rocks outside the Mines, you will have around 8.5% chance of getting Coal and for the ones in the Mines, you will first have to be lucky to get ore from them. If you do, the chance increases to 50% of getting Coal.

Also, gray stone rocks have a flat 8% drop rate and that won’t be influenced by Luck or profession.

Farm Dust Sprites

Farming Dust Sprites is actually the best way to get a lot of Coal in Stardew Valley, as they consistently spawn between levels 41-79 and they have a 50% chance of dropping Coal.

You can just take the elevator down to floor 45, go through the levels and defeat every Dust Sprite you find, and then use the elevator to get to the entrance of the Mines to restart the dungeon, allowing you to get hundreds of Coal pieces if you want.

After you manage to eradicate 500 Dust Sprites, you will also get the Burglar’s Ring from the Adventurer’s Guild, which almost doubles the chance of receiving loot from defeated monsters.

This will give you a chance close to 100% of getting Coal from defeated Dust Sprites.

If you have also unlocked the recipe for the Monster Musk (Special Order for the Wizard), you can use this item to increase the number of enemies that spawn on all the floors in dungeons.

This means that you can get a lot more Dust Sprites to spawn, which will have an almost 100% chance of dropping Coal with the help of the Burglar’s Ring.

This strategy is the best for getting Coal in the game and you have to use it if you really want a lot of it.

Purchasing and Charcoal Kiln

You can buy Coal from Clint (Blacksmith) for 150 g in Year 1. However, if you reach Foraging level 4, you can build the Charcoal Kiln for 20 Wood and 2 Copper Bars.

This item can turn 10 Wood into one Coal in 30 in-game minutes.

If you really wanted to use money to get Coal, you can purchase 10 Wood from Robin (Carpenter’s Shop) for 100 g in Year 1 and turn it into Coal at a better price than directly purchasing it from Clint.

This won’t be a viable option from Year 2, as Wood will cost 50 g a piece and Coal will only be 250 g.

Still, the Charcoal Kiln is still an amazing way to get Coal, as you only need Wood which you can easily get by cutting down the trees around Cindersap Forest.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Coal in Stardew Valley!

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