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Mining in Stardew Valley can be one of the most entertaining things you can do. Though this is a farming game, most players have a lot of fun exploring dungeons and collecting rare gems, minerals, and ores from their expeditions.

There are 4 types of minerals in Stardew Valley (Quartz, Earth Crystal, Frozen Tear, and Fire Quartz) that players can forage in the Mines and they are all very useful in making your farm the greatest venture in Pelican Town.

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The Earth Crystal is the second easiest to get mineral in the game, but most players will have no idea where to find them when they need them. Usually, most of them find them by accident while exploring the Mines. However, there is a surefire way to always locate them.

Players can forage Earth Crystal in the Mines in Stardew Valley between levels 1 to 39, or they can loot it from Duggy enemies. There are also other ways which we listed below, but these two are the most efficient.

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How to Get Earth Crystal in Stardew Valley

There are 5 ways to get an Earth Crystal in Stardew Valley:

  • Forage in the Mines
  • Defeat Duggy monsters
  • Open Geodes
  • Use Copper Pan
  • Fish for Treasure

Foraging in the Mines

The Mines are the best place to go looking for minerals in general, as they can be found as forageable items all over the floors.

The levels where you have a chance to spawn an Earth Crystal in Stardew Valley are from 1 to 39.

There isn’t a better part of those levels you can explore to exclusively find Earth Crystals. If you only want to find them, your best bet would be to slowly go from floor 1 to 39 and see how many forageable minerals you can find.

Once you get to floor 40, just take the elevator to the top and start again, as the dungeon will reset, allowing you to find even more Earth Crystals.

They are relatively easy to spot since they look like yellow-brownish diamonds.

You just need to approach them and pick them up as you would normal forageables on the outside, like Daffodils or Dandelions.

If you don’t want to walk too much through all of these floors, we would recommend just going from levels 20 to 30 and restarting the dungeon each time you get to 30 since you can also find better ores and enemies to loot on these floors.

Levels 31 to 39 can be very annoying since they are very dark, and you also can’t meet any enemies that might drop the Earth Crystal when you defeat them.

If you use Bombs to explore the Mines, be careful where you place them since you can accidentally explode the Earth Crystals, losing them

Using a Slingshot with Explosive Ammo is one of the easiest ways to progress through the Mines but the most dangerous for mineral collection.

Defeating Duggy

If you’ve ever explored the Mines before, you know that there are small patches of tillable land on some floors where a creature pops up from under the ground to attack you when you walk around.

This Stardew Valley monster is called a Duggy (it is very similar to a Digglet in Pokemon), and it has a relatively high chance of dropping an Earth Crystal when defeated (10%).

The Duggy can be found in the Mines between floors 6 and 29. This is why, if you want to get the most amount of Earth Crystals, these are the best levels to explore.

You have a small chance to find the mineral as a forageable item and also get it as loot.

Duggies are relatively easy to defeat if you know how to bait them to pop their head out.

Since they can only come out when you walk over their small patches of land, the best strategy is to stand on the edge of one of those tillable soil patches and just quickly walk on and off it.

This will make the monster pop out of the dirt there, and you can hit it before it gets back down.

Just repeat this movement until you defeat it and hope it gives you an Earth Crystal as a reward. In the worst case, it could drop a Geode, which can also help you get what you want.

Opening Geodes

The Geode is a special item in Stardew Valley that you can find either by defeating Duggies or by mining rocks between floors 1 to 39.

So, if you walk through the floors that have a chance to spawn a forageable Earth Crystal, you also have a chance, if you mine, to get Geodes.

You can go to Clint with these Geodes and open them up for 25 gold to see what’s inside.

You will have a 6% chance to get an Earth Crystal from them, which is a decent chance. Otherwise, you are most likely (around 50% chance) to receive resources such as Stone, Clay, Coal, or Copper Ore.

Though Geodes are not as good of a method as the first two to get Earth Crystals, you have a high chance of getting them as you explore the Mines, and you can use the opportunity to either get lucky and get what you need or get some extra resources.

Once you pass floor 21, you will start slowly getting Omni Geodes, which are an evolved version of the normal Geode.

They will generally give you better rewards when you open them, but they only have a very small chance of giving you an Earth Crystal (2%).


Players will receive a Copper Pan in Stardew Valley after they complete the Fish Tank Community Center Bundles. This special tool will allow them to pan for ores, gems, and minerals in the water.

How this works is that you will occasionally see something sparkling in the water, and you can approach and interact with that spot using the Copper Pan. Your character will then use the pan to get a random resource.

There is around a 5% chance that you will get an Earth Crystal when you use the Copper Pan. The problem with this method is that there is no 100% way to make sure you will find “sparkling spots” whenever you want to.

It is just a random thing that can spawn in the water that you should keep an eye out for since there is a slight chance you will get what you are looking for this way.

If you don’t get an Earth Crystal, you will still probably gain useful resources, so always look for these spots after you get the Copper Pan.

Fishing for Treasure

Fishing is incredibly profitable in Stardew Valley, not only from the fish you get but also from the treasure you can get in the process.

If you’ve ever fished in the game, you know there’s a chance that treasure will spawn when you play the fishing minigame.

Water that you can catch fish in is separated into different “zones.” These zones are decided by how far you are from the shore, from 1 to 5.

There are some treasure chests that you can catch, which have different rewards based on which zone you are getting your hook in the water.

There is a 4% chance that you will get an Earth Crystal if you capture a treasure while fishing in zones 1 to 2.

The easiest place to make sure you are always in one of these two zones is in the Mountains, right next to the entrance to the Mines.

Just throw your hook in the water right next to the bridge there, and you will always be in zones 1 and 2, allowing you to only get treasure chests that can give you Earth Crystals.

If you don’t have any buffs, you have a minimum chance of 15% of seeing a treasure each time you fish.

This is why if you prefer fishing over mining and combat, then this is the best way to get Earth Crystals in Stardew Valley and even other minerals and ores.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Earth Crystal in Stardew Valley!

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