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Though Stardew Valley is a farming simulator, players can do more than just plant crops and make money off of the harvest. There are actually a lot of special events that happen every year, specific for every season.

In the Spring, the Flower Dance is probably one of the most expected events, as you get to dance with one of your favorite villagers, gain some friendship points with them, and buy some interesting flowery decorations for your farm.

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Unfortunately, you don’t get a lot of instructions from the letter in the mailbox, so you will likely need some help to find the location of the Flower Dance. All you know from mayor Lewis is that you need to head somewhere west of Pelican Town.

Players can find the Flower Dance in Stardew Valley south of their farm, in Cindersap Forest. If you are in Pelican Town and not at your farm, you will just need to enter the southwestern exit next to Sam’s house.

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The Flower Dance Festival Explained

The Flower Dance is a Spring festival in Stardew Valley that happens on the 24th day of the season. This festival happens every year on the same day, so there is no way to miss it out.

A day before the festival you can ask one of the bachelors or bachelorettes if they would like to dance with you. If you don’t have at least 4 friendship hearts with that romanceable character, then they will reject you.

To get to ask them to the dance, you will need to talk to them until the option appears. Even if you are already married to a character, you will have to ask them to the dance. Otherwise, they will dance with someone else.

Also, if you are married, you can still dance with someone else at the festival, and your spouse will dance with their regular partner for the Flower Dance.

Dancing with a villager at the Flower Dance festival in Stardew Valley increases your friendship with them by one heart.

This is why it might be a good idea, if you are already married, to choose a different partner, since you can quickly increase your friendship with someone new.

Pelican Town will have all of its houses and shops closed during the day, and you won’t be able to enter any of them since everyone is at the dance.

If you need to buy anything urgent for your plants, you will have to do it the day before the festival.

Where is the Flower Dance in Stardew Valley?

The day before the Flower Dance, you will receive a letter in the mailbox where mayor Lewis invites you to the festival.

All the details you will get in regards to the location of the Flower Dance is that it is situated “west of town, beyond the forest.”

The location where the Flower Dance in Stardew Valley happens is the Cindersap Forest. You can reach this area by just walking south on your farm until you exit your current map.

If you already entered Pelican Town, looking for the festival, then you can walk a bit to the south and then head west to enter the forest from the exit next to Sam’s House (the blue house with a ship’s wheel hanging over the house entrance).

The moment you enter the Cindersap Forest between 9 AM and 2 PM, you will instantly be teleported to the location of the Flower Dance.

The actual place where the dance takes place is in an inaccessible area that normally you wouldn’t be able to reach.

This festival happens south of the Wizard’s Tower, where you will have to pass a wooden bridge to reach a nice little clearing.

Usually, there isn’t a bridge there, and you would just see two stone tiles on the edges of the hill, where the bridge would appear during the festival.

So, if you ever wondered what that area is and if you can reach it, now you know it is a specific region you can only access during the Flower Dance festival in Spring.

What to Do at the Flower Dance

Since you can enter Cindersap Forest anytime between 9 AM and 2 PM, it would be a good idea to use the time to take care of your farm and enter the area around 1 PM.

The moment you enter Cindersap Forest, you will find yourself next to a bridge. Pass it and walk to the west to find the villagers of Pelican Town.

There is no real reason to talk to most of the villagers besides hearing some fun comments from them. The only thing you can really do before the main event is shop for some unique Flower Dance items.

Pierre will mainly sell decorative flowers that you can stick inside your Farmhouse. The most interesting thing you can purchase from him is the Rarecrow for 2,500 gold.

The Rarecrow works exactly the same as a normal Scarecrow, but it looks much more interesting.

There are 8 types of Rarecrows in Stardew Valley. If you collect all of them, you will get the recipe to make the Deluxe Scarecrow, which has double the range to defend your crops.

Once you finish your shopping and talk to as many villagers as you want, you can then approach mayor Lewis in the northwestern part of the area to start the Flower Dance.

When the dance is done, you will be teleported in front of your home at 10 PM.

That’s everything you need to know about where the Flower Dance is in Stardew Valley!

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