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In Stardew Valley, players will work very hard to improve the Grandfather’s farm and house to the maximum possible standard.

The Farmhouse where you live in Pelican Town is extremely small at the start, and you won’t really have space for anything inside besides a bed and a TV.

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Players will want to upgrade the Farmhouse as soon as possible, as this will open up new possibilities, such as marriage and children.

To upgrade your Farmhouse in Stardew Valley, all you need to do is head over to the Carpenter’s Shop and talk to Robin while she’s standing at the counter to Upgrade House.

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How to Upgrade the Farmhouse in Stardew Valley

All you need to do to upgrade your Farmhouse in Stardew Valley is approach Robin in the Carpenter’s Shop, while she’s standing at the counter and select the Upgrade House option.

She will then tell you exactly what she’ll add to the house, how much money, and how many resources you need to give her for the upgrade, which you have to say yes to.

After you accept her request and give her all she needs, it will take three nights for Robin to finish the upgrade to the Farmhouse.

During this time, you will see her hammering the house from the side, building the upgrade.

You won’t be able to purchase anything else from her during this time, so make sure to get anything you need before selecting to upgrade the Farmhouse.

If you don’t have enough resources or money, when you tell her to upgrade the house, she will just tell you that you don’t have enough money/resources.

There are exactly three upgrades you can get to your Farmhouse in Stardew Valley, and then you can make some extra renovations on top of it.

What Each Farmhouse Upgrade Level Adds

First of all, let’s go a bit through what you get in the Farmhouse in Stardew Valley before you add any new features with upgrades:

  • 1 Room
  • TV
  • Bed
  • Decorations based on the chosen farm style

There really isn’t much to do in the Farmhouse when you inherit it from Grandpa.

All you can do is sleep and watch TV for cooking recipes, luck readings, and weather news.

Farmhouse Upgrade 1

The first upgrade for the Farmhouse in Stardew Valley will cost you 10,000 g and x450 Wood.

Robin will only mention that you get a kitchen from this upgrade, but the house will actually change a lot.

First of all, you will get a separate bedroom from the rest of the house, with a double bed, instead of the single one you had before. This is important because, due to this upgrade, you can now get married.

If you don’t unlock the double bed, you cannot get married in Stardew Valley, which means you need to get the first Farmhouse upgrade to get to the next level of romance with one of the villagers.

Second of all, the Farmhouse will change its exterior design.

All of the random holes in the woodwork will disappear, the house will look a little bigger and nicer, and it will be much more aesthetically pleasing.

You also get the kitchen we mentioned earlier, which will allow you to cook special dishes that can give you temporary buffs and recover a lot of HP and Energy.

The kitchen also adds a fridge, which you can use as a chest.

Players can access all the ingredients they place in the fridge when they cook at the counter.

This makes the fridge a very efficient storage container since you don’t have to constantly insert and extract items from it.

Farmhouse Upgrade 2

The second upgrade to the Farmhouse will cost you 50,000 g and 150 Hardwood.

Once it’s done, you will get two new rooms. One will be empty, and it will kinda look like an office, and the second one will have a crib and two single beds for children.

This upgrade to the Farmhouse will unlock the ability to have children in Stardew Valley.

Without it, you wouldn’t have any place to raise your kids, so your partner will never ask you if you would like to have some.

The size of the kitchen and the main bedroom will also increase, making them extremely spacious.

After you get this upgrade, you can also start getting the free Renovations for the Farmhouse, as well as change the paint color of the building from the outside.

To change the color of the Farmhouse, you just need to go to Robin’s and select the Construct Farm Buildings option.

You can then click the Paint Buildings button and select the Farmhouse to change the color of the main wooden planks of the building.

The outside model of the Farmhouse changes as well, as the building grows in size.

Though it doesn’t take any more space than it did in the past, the house itself now increased in size to take up all the space in the tiles.

You will also have a little stone fence around the house’s perimeter, the second floor will look much bigger, with two windows, the log garage doesn’t take as much space, and it also has a door now.

Farmhouse Renovations

Before we go into the features you can unlock from getting the third upgrade to the Farmhouse, let’s first see what renovations you can make for the house now:

  • Remove Crib
  • Remove Bedroom Wall
  • Add Southern Room
  • Add Corner Room

All of these changes to the Farmhouse are free and can be done instantly, without having to wait 3 days for Robin to implement them.

If you remove the crib, then you can’t make any new babies. Avoid the event at night where your partner will ask you if you want one.

You also have the bedroom wall removed. You will have a large room made out of the kitchen, living room, and bedroom.

Since you have so many rooms now, you can move your bedroom elsewhere and use the huge room to make something interesting.

The Southern Room will appear right below the bedroom. It won’t be a big room. It will be as big as the living room if you haven’t brought down the wall.

The Corner Room is a special room in between the children’s room and the main bedroom. This might be the smallest room in the whole Farmhouse.

Farmhouse Upgrade 3

To get the third and final upgrade for the Farmhouse in Stardew Valley, you will need to give Robin 100,000 g.

All that this upgrade adds to the house is the cellar, which can be accessed from the kitchen.

The cellar will come with 33 Casks, which you can use to age Artisan Goods, such as Wine, to double their sell price.

The cellar might be one of the most important upgrades in the late game, as it allows you to increase the value of Wine by 2, an item that has already increased in price by 3.

This makes the cellar one of the best money-making investments in Stardew Valley in the late game.

Combining it with a powerful Greenhouse that raises incredibly profitable crops, you will make millions in less than a week or two.

The maximum amount of Casks that you can place in the cellar is 189, but you won’t actually be able to reach them if you have so many in there.

The maximum accessible amount you can place in the cellar is 125.

Since it takes two seasons for Wine to reach Iridium quality in the Cask, it would be a good idea to have as many of them as possible.

Spouse Room

Though this isn’t actually an upgrade, you will get a new room to the right of the bedroom the moment you get married.

This special spouse room will have an aesthetic that will match that of your spouse/roommate.

For example, Shane has beers all over the place, Alex has a weights bench, and Krobus has a sewer-looking room.

That’s everything you need to know about how to upgrade your Farmhouse in Stardew Valley!

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