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State of Survival is a game where players must find a way to survive against hordes of zombies.

It’s currently one of the most popular survival strategy style games out there and it’s loaded with all of the features that make for a great zombie apocalypse game.

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One cool thing about this game is that there are different servers and each one is a state. 

To change state in State of Survival, go to the wilderness, click the globe icon in the bottom right corner, and select the state you wish to join.

Then choose a location within the state and click Join State.

Over time, new states are added to the game to accommodate new players.

You may join these, but there are restrictions to know about – more information below.

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Requirements to change state

Many players may want to change states so they can play with their friends or team up with another game’s state.

While this is something players can do, there are requirements.

All players must reach level 2 in their player’s HQ so they get an item called Rookie Relocator.

It’s also important to know that if a player wants to change states they must do so before they play in one state for more than 5 days.

They also will not be able to change states once they reach level 6.

How to get the Rookie Relocator

One thing you should know is that only new accounts will get the Rookie Relocator.

If you have an account but make a new character for a fresh start, you will not get another Rookie Relocator.

Once you upgrade the HQ to level 2, there will be prologue quests that you need to complete.

When you’ve finished, the Rookie Relocator will be the reward.

New players will be able to find the Rookie Relocator in their mailbox, which is located in the bottom right corner.

How to change state

When you have the State Of Survival app open, enter the wilderness by clicking on the globe icon which will be on the bottom left-hand side of your screen.

Once you are in the wilderness, click on the map icon located at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

This should open up the State Map Menu where you will have the option to change your state.

Make sure you tap on the globe to go into this section.

When you choose a state, you will be navigated to the state’s capital.

In this section you can click on the map to look at the state’s map. 

If this is the state you want to join, find an empty location, click it, and click Join State.

You can also use the Search State to find a specific state instead of looking on the map.

Remember, you will only be able to do this if you’ve spent less than 5 days on the game and have the Rookie Relocator.

If you have spent more than 5 days on the game, but would like to play in a different state what you can do is create a new character and choose the state you want to play in.

That’s how to change state in State of Survival!

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