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Your battle power, also referred to as troop power, is important in State of Survival.

It is a combined measurement of how strong you are in terms of troops, heroes, buildings, technology, and more.

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Having a strong base and a powerful arsenal of troops and heroes is essential, as they’ll ensure your survival and victory in battle.

Battle power can be used to determine whether or not fighting a specific enemy is a good idea or not as well as who is suited to join your alliance.

You can increase your battle power in State of Survival by upgrading existing buildings in your base, build new ones, recruit troops, research new technology, acquire and upgrade heroes, and level up yourself – the chief.

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What is battle power?

Battle power is a measurement of the total power of your entire base in State of Survival, including troops, heroes, and technology.

You can see your current battle power right next to your player icon in the top-left corner of the game.

The battle power stat is a quick indicator of how strong a specific player is.

It is very useful to know a player’s battle power when deciding whether or not to attack that player.

Furthermore, battle power is widely used by alliances, as the value can be used as a requirement to ensure new members are powerful players.

How to increase battle power

There are a couple of ways to increase your battle power in State of Survival.

In short, to increase your battle power, you can upgrade buildings or build new ones, train more units, recruit or upgrade heroes, research new technology, level up your chief, and progress through the game.

Buildings are essential to the functioning of your base and having higher-leveled buildings increase your battle power as well as unlocks opportunities for further growth.

We recommend expanding your base as much as you can.

Focus on your Headquarters, as this building dictates how much you can upgrade the remaining buildings and the rate at which you can progress.

If you have unlocked more buildings, be sure to build them in your base to increase your battle power.

Troops, also known as units, are essential when battling it out in the game – training more troops will increase your battle power.

Heroes are leading units with special skills and boosts that greatly impact the outcome of battles.

Recruiting and upgrading heroes increase your battle power in State of Survival.

Researching new technology unlocks new powerful buffs and boosts for your base and troops, and at the same time, increases your battle power.

The chief of your base, which is essentially you, the player’s character, is a big part of the game, both for combat and general boosts.

Upgrading and improving the chief of your base will increase your total battle power as well.

Lastly, you can increase your battle power by progressing through the game.

As you complete various tasks, defeat enemies, etc., you will gain a small amount of battle power.

That’s how to increase your battle power or troop power in State of Survival!

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