What Gambling Site Do Twitch Slots Streamers Play On?

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One of the most popular categories on Twitch.tv these days is the Slots category.

Ever since large streamers like Trainwreck and Adin Ross started streaming betting, the category has really taken off, with long-time slots streamers also racking in thousands of concurrent viewers now.

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When streamers on Twitch stream gambling, they bet on everything from slots to live casino games and sports. Naturally, viewers wonder what site they use to bet.

The vast majority of the largest gambling streamers on Twitch use Stake for their gambling streams. Some streamers use Duelbits, Rollbit, Roobet, or another smaller site.

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At the moment, though, practically all gambling streamers with more than 500 concurrent viewers use and have a deal with Stake, as they are both practical with crypto deposits, and they feature the most games.

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What gambling site do Twitch streamers use to bet?

The slots category where Twitch streamers gamble has blown up since large streamers started gambling on stream.

Some viewers wonder on which site these streamers play when they stream their gambling.

Almost every large gambling streamer that gets more than 500 concurrent viewers on Twitch play on Stake when gambling on stream.

Some streamers do also play on the previously popular sites Duelbits, Rollbit, and Roobet, but these days most streamers are on Stake.

On top of streaming on Stake, most gambling streamers have a deal with the site they gamble on, sponsoring them for playing on their site.

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The reason why most streamers play on Stake is both because of the practicality of being able to use crypto, the vast number of games and live games on the site, and presumably, because they give great sponsorship deals to streamers.

Do Twitch streamers gamble with real money?

Some Twitch streamers do gamble with real money, while others don’t.

There are two overall types of ways to gamble when streaming – raw or fill.

Raw refers to using real money that the streamer could have taken out of the casino and used for whatever they wanted.

In other words, when a streamer plays with raw balance, they carry 100% of the loss and get to keep all their winnings, if they have any.

Do note that even though many streamers play with raw balance, they do receive a large amount of money in sponsorship from the website they play on.

Some streamers like Trainwreck do this but choose to gamble with more than he receives, resulting in him losing more money than he makes from his deal, according to himself.

Fill refers to using money provided by the casino to the streamer for them to play with on stream.

In the case of using fill money, the streamer gets all of their losses refunded and gets to keep a small percentage of their winnings if they have any.

Streamers who play with fill money do not lose any money, even if they appear to be losing a lot of money on stream.

You cannot know for sure whether or not a streamer plays with raw balance or fill money, causing many viewers to see the slots category as shady.

You cannot know either what the deal between a streamer and a site is. There can be many variations of sponsorships that don’t clearly fall into either the raw or fill category.

The only way to know whether a streamer is playing with raw balance – real money or fill money – fake money is for them to tell you. But they can, of course, not tell you the truth.

Some streamers that are strongly believed to be playing with raw balance exclusively include Trainwreck, Adin Ross, heyitsjoe, and XQC.

If you are unsure whether or not a streamer is playing with fill money or not, it’s best to assume that they are until they prove otherwise.

Who are the most-watched gambling streamers on Twitch?

Here are the most-watched Twitch streamers that gamble on stream as of October 2022:

  • XQC – 80.1k average concurrent viewers
  • Adin Ross – 46.3k average concurrent viewers
  • Trainwreckstv – 35.5k average concurrent viewers
  • Roshtein – 25.9k average concurrent viewers
  • Evelone192 – 25.2k average concurrent viewers
  • Tumblurr – 14.6k average concurrent viewers
  • WHOPLOHOYPAREN – 12.5k average concurrent viewers
  • egorkreed – 7.3k average concurrent viewers
  • ElmiilloR – 6.8k average concurrent viewers
  • stevewillsendit – 5.9k average concurrent viewers
  • TheRealMarzaa – 5.6k average concurrent viewers
  • Scurrows – 5.6k average concurrent viewers
  • Xposed – 5.4k average concurrent viewers
  • DeuceAce – 4.8k average concurrent viewers
  • Andypsx – 4.7k average concurrent viewers
  • nelkboys – 4.4k average concurrent viewers
  • Freneh – 4.3k average concurrent viewers
  • Yassuo – 3.8k average concurrent viewers
  • AyeZee – 3.4k average concurrent viewers
  • LosPollosTV – 3.3k average concurrent viewers
  • cufffem – 3.3k average concurrent viewers
  • ilGabbrone – 3.3k average concurrent viewers
  • JonVlogs – 3.2k average concurrent viewers
  • FrankDimes – 3.1k average concurrent viewers
  • stableronaldo – 2.9k average concurrent viewers
  • VonDice – 2.8k average concurrent viewers
  • Kawaboumgaop – 2.6k average concurrent viewers
  • ElcanaldeJoaco – 2.6k average concurrent viewers
  • coscu – 2.5k average concurrent viewers
  • ClassyBeef – 2.4k average concurrent viewers
  • thegreatbielecki – 2.2k average concurrent viewers
  • Teuf – 1.9k average concurrent viewers
  • Tyceno – 1.8k average concurrent viewers
  • MagouilleTV – 1.7k average concurrent viewers
  • ProdigyDDK – 1.6k average concurrent viewers
  • Orangemorange – 1.3k average concurrent viewers
  • NeverSayYesTwitch – 1.3k average concurrent viewers
  • CasinoDaddy – 1.2k average concurrent viewers
  • elgato_ – 1k average concurrent viewers
  • hukkaw – 1k average concurrent viewers
  • Clout_Seven – 0.9k average concurrent viewers
  • Draccopvp – 0.8k average concurrent viewers
  • M0E_tv – 0.6k average concurrent viewers
  • Leyla – 0.6k average concurrent viewers
  • bolbolautomat – 0.6k average concurrent viewers
  • wuskindash – 0.6k average concurrent viewers
  • SLOTAKIAS – 0.5k average concurrent viewers

Adin Ross, Yassuo, Tumblurr, and TheRealMarzaa stream more content that isn’t gambling than is, while Trainwreckstv occasionally streams something that isn’t gambling.

The majority of the remaining streamers on this list exclusively gamble on their streams.

Those are the sites that Twitch streamers use to gamble.

Disclaimer: Gambling should be viewed purely as entertainment, not as a means of making money. The odds are against you, which means you statistically will lose money in the long run. Only gamble with money that you can afford and are willing to lose. We recommend setting a limit for yourself to control how much you play with. If you believe you have a gambling problem, check Gamble Aware or a similar awareness site in your country.

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